04/29/10 WOD

We will be losing a great crossfitter after today.   Evan will leaving us and moving to Maryland for his Military duties.  Evan has been a great competitor, if you have ever been to a class with him you can often find him in his usual pose on the floor.  Good luck in your future endeavors and this WOD’s for you!




50 Double Unders

50 KB Swing- 52m/35w

21 Bent Over Row- 115m/75w

15 Push Press- 115m/75w

50 Double Unders

15 Bent Over Row

35 KB Swings

12 Push Press

50 Double Unders

12 Bent Over Row

20 KB Swings

9 Push Press


*Two for one today, Happy Birthday to Ali you can enjoy this workout as well!

04/28/10 WOD Results

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8 thoughts on “04/29/10 WOD

  1. Happy Birthday Ali!!!
    Evan, you will be missed. Thank you for your service to us and our country. 🙂 Stop in and send us a line every now and then!

    Happy Crossfitt’n everyone!

  2. Good luck Evan, my heart goes to you and everyone else that serves or is related to someone who has and is serving! You are the best, be careful, and let us know how you are doing! Happy B-day Ali!!! I saw you at our daughters dance class yesterday and you didn’t even say anything! You should brag! Just so everyone knows I think Ali is very beautiful and nice, she is also such a fun mom, she is the mom that brings special treats to her kids function and is so cute and fun with her kids! Get to know her, I have a little in the last year and I think she is sweet!

  3. Happy birthday Ali Cat!! You rock girlfriend! And apparantly Lindsay doesn’t hate you as much as the rest of us cause there is no mean picture of you on here AND we didn’t do pull ups!! 🙂 See ya tomorrow!

  4. Good luck Evan…I was thinking we should do your “hell week” wod sometime real soon and instead of calling it “Jessica” we call it “Evan”…happy trails…
    Ali, not only are you really sweet you have GREAT hair!!!

  5. Well at the end of the day we all can only give what we got. So I went home and worked on my double unders, because they frustrate the H#%* out of me. So Bitty, thanks for the text because I think it is all in my head. I finally got a double under/single. The next time we jump rope I will hopefully be able to RX it, but I will be slow that is for darn sure. So again thanks Bitty

  6. Thanks Evan for all the great times in CrossFit. I wish you the best and Thank You for your service. I only wish I could have seen your impression of Sherri doing hand stand push ups looking like Urkle with your pants pulled up to your chest.
    Come back to visit when you get a chance. You’re part of the family now.

  7. Evan… It’s been great getting to know you over these past months. You are seriously a strong competitor. No matter how far away you move, you’ll always be a part of this CF family. When you come back to visit you better damn well stop by! Ali… I’m so pissed I missed today’s WOD (sick little boy kept me up all night). You have seriously impressed me with your drive and determination. From day one you’ve had nothing but a strong and positive attitude. Keep it up!!! Happy Birthday and I’ll see you tomorrow.

  8. You are most welcome Loraine! It can be very frustrating learning some of these CF skills! We all have to learn, we all go through it, so be patient and just keep working hard, like you always do!!! You learn so fast and are an impressive athlete!

    Today’s WOD was so fun! I enjoyed it, honestly. Would love to have Hip-Hopped with you Ali, next time. Hope you had an excellent birthday!

    Evan, be safe! I will forever see you in your Halloween costume from last year! 😉

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