05/04/10 WOD

New box jump record set by Davis A. 57″


We will be adding two levels to some of the WOD’s from now on.  Level 1- will be a little less intense with lighter weights, smalller rounds etc.  Level 2- will be for the for the advanced crossfitter with heavier weights.  I want to make sure no one is afraid to come because they are scared of the workout, in crossfit everything is scalable, so come and challenge yourself everyday.


“Annie are you okay”

Level I


Calorie Row

Thruster- 75m/45w

SDHP- 75m/45w


Med Ball Cleans- 15m/10w

Wall Balls- 15m/10w


Level II


Calorie Row

Thruster- 95m/65w

SDHP- 95m/65w


Med Ball Cleans- 20m/14w

Wall Balls- 20m/14w


05/03/10 WOD Results


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13 thoughts on “05/04/10 WOD

  1. lol, I love the two levels. Ya know I have decided after yesterday I should just do more of the level one. I am not there in form at all. Great job Davis!

  2. Davis, you are the man!!! I’m sure you made your Dad proud:) All that leg work in skiing has paid off…haha

  3. Does anybody know a good place to get a custom logos on t-shirts? Especially if they offer athletic material….

    Minid and I are still talking about getting t-shirts for the Ogden Marathon / Half / Relay / 5K for any of you participants out there. That same weekend is also regionals for the CrossFit Games, so it could be a nice way to show our support by all suffering together! (I’m pretty sure we’ll end up doing a couple of the WODs from the games, yes?)

  4. I just wanted to say thanks to Tori. I thought I was the only one who has to dangle his gym shorts down on the ground around his ankles and step into them to pull them on because their back is so dang tight. Crossfit is like group therapy. This morning I felt like getting my socks and shoes on was the WOD. I am glad I came today, it loosened my back up again.

  5. Elise – Charles at Total Shirt Imaging does a great job on custom t-shirts, not sure about athletic material but you could check. He is very reasonable. Located behind Newgate mall.

  6. Just so you all know, dieting sucks some days! I kinda do the Paleo but I allow complex carbs. But listen to my temtations tonight. Keep in mind we are greek and butter and cream are musts in my family. My mom made swedish meatballs in cream sauce, white rice, white bread, cinnamon rolls (I dont think I spelled that right), and a chocolate cream cheese cake, I’ll I got to say is holy crap!!! And yes for all you that dont know I live with my mom 🙂 but we are slowly starting to build!

  7. Loraine that sounds amazing!! I love Greek food, invite me anytime! Anyway thanks Lindsay, I CAN’T MOVE AFTER THE LAST TWO DAYS!!

  8. Thanks everyone! I was pretty stoked on that. This workout was one of the hardest I have ever done. I have to give major props to Chris Henry, he finished early and did the entire last round with me to push me through. Thanks man!

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