05/12/10 WOD

Learning double unders can be painful!



Part 2 of the crossfit total. 

Deadlift- find your 1 rep max.  Do 2 to 3 warm-up sets before attempting your new 1 rep max.




30 Clean & Jerks for time.

Recommended weight:

Level 1


Level 2


Level 3

Grace Rx’ed- 135m/95w


05/11/10 WOD Results

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9 thoughts on “05/12/10 WOD

  1. Lindsay, good luck this weekend my friend!! Kick some ass. Go heavy on those deads….you will kill it! SP

  2. Wow so many levels to choose from today!!! But Lindsay I think you should add a few more levels just to make it fair. Like a pregnancy level, and my back is still sore from swinging a 53 lb kettle bell, and I forgot my depends for double unders (or for Brody wall balls) Level. Don’t worry I will think of some more. Just wanting to help with your insanity 🙂

  3. I think I damaged myself today with deadlift…James if you would have just stopped at a lower weight I would have as well.

  4. We have some strong athletes in our place, On the deadlifts just to name a few Sherrie-275lbs, Kelly- 270lbs, Celeste-345lbs, jermey 435lbs. Strong work today

  5. I PUT TOGETHER A LITTLE BAG FOR OUR COMPETITORS WHO ARE GOING TO REGIONALS THIS WEEKEND! I thought it might be nice if they had a little pick me up bag of fun and encouragement and I am SURE it will bring them loads of luck 🙂 !

    -If you would like to go in on the “Bag O’ Fun & Encouragement” I am sure you can give it to one of the trainers and they can get it to me! I’ll be around on Friday and Saturday some time!

    ** (If you are Bitty, Chase, Stacie, Lindsay, or Chris P. SURPRISE..hahaha..You will get your bag tomorrow!) **

  6. Loraine, if you want to donate to the bag o’ fun your welcome too, anyone can. I just thought of it on Monday and went out and got some stuff for it :)…or you can do your own thing as well. 🙂

  7. Just wanted to wish all of the competitors representing the club this weekend the very “Best of Luck”! You are all amazing and deserve alot of praise. (especially Chase) ha ha ha!! Seriously though Good Luck to all of you!!

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