05/14/11 WOD

Ahhh Moab…. Land of “big hard rocks” that range in all “shapes and sizes”.  There is very little “wood” and you won’t find any buildings being “erected”.  Just a “lengthy” stretch of land for you and your homies to “pitch a tent” in.



In teams of 4 you will complete for time:

300 Double Unders

100 Box Jumps- 24/20

100 Pull-ups

100 SDHP- 95/65

100 Burpees

At the same time, Row a 4k

25 min time limit.

Two athletes can be moving at the same time, however, one athlete must be on the rower until the entire 4k is completed. With the other movements, one of the three remaining athletes can move at a time. You must complete all reps of one movement, before moving to the next. You will have two barbells.  After the 4k is completed, two athletes can move at once to finish the remaining 100 rep movements. If the 100 rep movements are done, but the 4k row is not finished, time will continue to run until the 4k is completed.


05/13/11 WOD Results


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