05/19/11 WOD

Now that summer is fast approaching ( I hope) I get a lot of questions about crossfit and running.  A lot of  people drop out of crossfit because the weather is warmer and they want to increase their running volume.  So I want to try and explain how your body works with aerobic (running) and anaerobic (crossfit) training.

Aerobic training benefits cardiovascular function and decreases body fat.  This is certainly of significant benefit.  Aerobic conditioning allows us to engage in moderate/low power output for extended period of time.  This is valuable for many sports.  Athletes engaging in excessive aerobic training witness decreases in muscle mass, strength, speed, and power. Aerobic activity has a pronounced tendency to decrease anaerobic capacity.  This does not bode well for athletes or the individual interested in total conditioning or optimal health.

Anaerobic activity also benefits cardiovascular function and decreases body fat.  Anaerobic activity is unique in its capacity to dramatically improve power, speed, strength and muscle mass.  Anaerobic conditioning allows us to exert tremendous forces over a brief time.  The greatest aspect of anaerobic conditioning it will not adversely affect aerobic capacity!  In fact, properly structured (crossfit) anaerobic activity can be used to develop a very high level of aerobic fitness without the muscle wasting consistant with high volume aerobic exercise!

From what I have learned over the years  is that there are so many more benefits in training in the anaerobic energy system.  That is why we have so many crossfitter’s never running long distances and entering 1/2 or full marathons and setting great times.  Be smart about your training.  The old saying is true “work smarter, not harder”.






3 Rounds for time of:

465 meter Run (3 laps)

15 Squat Snatch- 75m/55w




05/18/11 WOD Results




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6 thoughts on “05/19/11 WOD

  1. Agreed! I’m not a fast runner by any means but at 46 I ran my first half marathon and I am doing it again this Saturday with not much training other than crossfit!

  2. I can also agree to this. I ran my fastest half marathon ever last year with only doing crossfit and a few short distance runs. I’m trying it again this year (won’t be a PR by any means) but i’ll let you know how it goes with very little typical ‘training.’ I mostly crossfit. Ok i’ll be honest, i haven’t ran distance much at all, due to the rain 🙂 Wish me luck!!

  3. Good to know because I haven’t been training for this upcoming Ogden Marathon, only Crossfit! I’d rather train through Crossfit than run…..running is for the birds!

  4. I’m a total believer! Before CrossFit, I literally never ran. After a year of CF I decided to do the South Ogden Days 5K just for fun. Turns out the townspeople take it pretty serious. Computer tags on all the athletes shoes for tracking purposes… That’s a first for me. Anyways, to my surprise I took second in my division. Who was 1st place you ask? Only another CFTC member named Mike Loughton. In fact, from what I remember, I believe CFTC had 6 men and women take home medals that day, and the other CFTC athletes were extremely close behind with insanely good times. So stick with the Anaerobic. It works!

  5. I also did the south Ogden days 5k…. Never ran that much ever… Just did cossfit for my training and maybe two runs before…. I didn’t take home any place but I was proud of myself for finisinhg… I am going to do it again this year…. If I can get back to CF…. All of you doing the marathon this weekend I wish you the best or luck

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