05/2/11 WOD



10 Rounds for time of:

15 Dead lifts- 135m/95w

15 Push-ups



1. Shoulder press (% of 1rm) 65/4, 72/4, 80/3, 82/2, 80/3; rest 2-3 min b/t heavy sets

2a. Inverted ring rows (feet elevated on box ring level)- 3 sets of 12; rest 30 sec

2b. High hang clean high pulls (45% of clean max)- 3 sets of 5 reps; rest 2 min


We will now have two Olympic Weight Lifting classes, Monday & Thursday at 7pm.  Both are separate classes, Thursday is not a make up day.  Take advantage of them!

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6 thoughts on “05/2/11 WOD

  1. Nice Brody, Just wondering when we are going to make that path way from my back yard to yours? You know Tyson got me some fig rings and straps (for muscle ups) for mothers day, Lindsay said I could hang them at the gym, but maybe we should find another tree to hang those from.

  2. Lindsay,
    I am thinking that a HERO workout would be GREAT this week in Celebration of the FINE NAVY SEALS that finally FINISHED what THEY didn’t START over in Pakistan this weekend!!! It would be a great way to SAY THANKS from CFTC…

    Just a thought!!!

    Here is to Peace.


  3. Ha! Marie that sounds like a plan. That is the next project… Rings bar, box jump area, and Wall Ball target. The best part was my helmet cam. Turns out all you need is a shoe string tied around the camera and strapped to your head. Works like a charm! I’m down for Rowdy’s idea… Bring it on!!!

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