05/21/10 WOD

Celeste setting a new PR at 345lbs



3 rounds for time of:

10 Jerks (Split or Push)

20 Lateral bar hop burpees

Recommended weight:

Level I


Level II


Level III



This Saturday only there will be a schedule change.   We will be holding the regular 7:30 class and starting at 8:30 we will be holding a team competition.  We will be doing two workouts you will have to come to see what they are.  After every team has finished we will be setting up a projector in the aerobics room and watching a highlight film from the regionals.  In the video I wanted everyone to see how you properly dismount a rope hanging 20′ in the air without hurting yourself and also watch Chase, Bitty, Chris and Stacie kick some butt.   I thought it would be nice to end the paleo challenge one week earlier and pig out on some sugar!  If you still want to continue the challenge for one more week, still come and eat your lean meats, and seeds and enjoy the video.  Hope to see everyone there and be sure to spread the word to your fellow crossfitters.


05/20/10 WOD Results

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8 thoughts on “05/21/10 WOD

  1. Lindsay will be doing the correct “dismount” from the rope… OUCH! I can’t wait…. the suspense is killing me….and I already saw it!!!! Thanks Brody..for everything. I know you used the trip just to get a little closer to James, but thanks to the both of you. Has anyone mentioned the fact that Curtis and Blake spent the night “spooning” at the Quality Inn and missed the run on Sunday?

  2. Thanks for all the Birthday wishes CrossFit Friends!!! You are ALL the best part of CrossFit. A year ago I was up in the goofy elipitical room, READING A BOOK, while riding a bike! 2 weeks later Jacie and I started CrossFit with Dustin. What a life changing experience it’s been. We loved it from the start. I have many titles in life that I’m pretty proud of…..wife, mom, grandma……but I love that I get to be a CrossFit Chick!!!!
    Thanks Lindsay for the legit program you run…you have changed a lot of lives for the better.

  3. Okay..not to excited about that pic, not my best. BUT I am a little happy that my legs have some muscle. I don’t look totally fat any longer. I owe it to Crossfit and Lindsay. Thanks for helping me achieve my goals. Honestly, deadlifitng that much was never one of those goals but I’ll take it along with anything else Crossfit has in store for me.

  4. Woah! Stacie, what happens in Seattle stays in Seattle!!! I can neither confirm nor deny these rumors at this point. That being said, we were actually practicing rope climbing with Cirque du Soleil to try and give you guys pointers.

  5. Celeste the funny thing is that you made it look so easy. By this time next year we will have you up to 405. I also wanted everyone that doesnt have a four man team for tomorrow to come anyway. There are a lot of people that don’t have one and we will put you all together then. I hear some people say that they feel like they are in grade school again and get picked last. I dont want anyone to feel that way, it’s just for fun. I know how people may feel left out I was always the first out when we did the spelling bee on easy words like ” RIVER”. I want everyone to feel like your part of something special and healthy.

  6. Hey Lindsay, laughed out loud at the spelling bee comment!(I only tease you to feel better about myself.) Celeste, you rock girl!!! That’s a crazy amount of weight and I thought the picture was great! Julie, would it sound dorky to say that you are my inspiration? Curtis, yep my suspisions were true-there was a leak…I don’t think ANYTHING stayed in Seattle! And last…I know I complain a lot (just a coaping mechanism) but really I want to give a thumbs up to the ab workouts!!! It’s nice to hear all that grunting right along with me! I really feel I’m getting stronger each time we do them.

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