05/22/10 WOD

Team work day today!  The only hint you’re going to get is that you better wear one of these.  See you there, be sure to stay for treats and a video after.

*Remember there will only be two WOD times today.  We will have the regular scheduled class at 7:30am and a special four person team WOD at 8:30am.


05/21/10 WOD Results

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8 thoughts on “05/22/10 WOD

  1. Thanks Lindsey and Julie for picking Quinn and I for a team. We really were feeling like the kids on the playground that no one wanted! We even had a team and the ditched us saturday morning, whats up with that 🙂 Awesome job to all that went to regionals, that will be the goal next year. You and me Walt, will do regionals, and we are going to kick some serious A…

  2. That was a blast! Two 4 person Saturdays in a row. I love that format. I’m a little bummed we didn’t get to see Lindsay’s rope fall but glad we were able to see all the footage of our awesome athletes! Way to represent!

  3. TThanks Lindsay, that was actually a lot of fun and I finally got to meet a lot of the people from the later classes. I had to leave a little early so I wasn’t able to pick up my prize, should I just pick it up on Monday? I’m assuming that team Fat @$$ won didn’t we? No? Oh well then how bout the Good Sportsmanship award? Oh, that’s only in church ball? Oh well thanks Mauritzio, Walt and Mike. We at least hit our goal of finishing the WODs.

  4. who ate all the chocolate chocolate dounuts! If I find out you will pay. Thanks, for everyone that came out to our saturday wod, hope everyone had fun.

  5. That was a great workout…. I had so much “fun” if you can call it that…. The video wa great you all did a great job no matter what place you came in.., and all the goodies were awsome

  6. I can honestly say Lindsay, that I didn’t have any. However, I am feeling sick from everything else I ate though. It was all so delicious! Thanks to everyone who brought treats! And thank you Lindsay for putting together our own little version of The Games. It was a lot of fun!

  7. LINDSAY! You didn’t get a donut?!?! I tried to save you one! So sorry. And also, sorry to anyone who missed out on the cupcakes. I hope to never ever see those things again! (who am i kidding, can a get a dozen Mailee?? I will pay good money!)

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