05/24/10 WOD

Tony tried to slide under the radar and keep quite about his birthday on Saturday and it worked for last week.  So Happy late Birthday Tony, I hope you don’t mind we celebrate it today CFTC Style!



4 Round for Max Reps of:

45 sec. push-ups

15 sec. rest

45 sec. front squat

15 sec. rest

45 sec. thrusters

15 sec. rest

45 sec. calorie row

15 sec. rest


Recommended Weight:

Level I


Level II

Tony’s weight



SWIMSUIT CHALLENGE:  You can turn in your after pictures anytime this week.  I would like to be able to pick a winner sometime by next week.  No matter who the winner is, I can see major changes in a lot of your body compositions.  I hope even though the swimsuit challenge is over you continue with healthy eating choices.

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6 thoughts on “05/24/10 WOD

  1. Happy 30th Belated Birthday Tony!! You look amazing AND you are totally kicking some serious butt on the WODS!

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