05/26/10 WOD


I came across these pictures of the  early day’s of CFTC.  Brody struggling on a extremely heavy load of 65lbs, and Joni going for her 1 rep max at 60lbs.  The progress that you all have made is amazing, keep up the strong work and maybe next year we will be saying the same thing.



Southwest Regional Qualifier

1000 meter row

30 OHS

1200 meter run


Recommended Weight:

Level I


Level II


Level III


Regional weight used- 135m/85w



3 rounds of

10 L-Pull-ups

(If you can not do L-sits pull-ups, you will do 3 sets of 30 sec.  build up holds)

 20 GHD Sit-ups


5/25/10 WOD Results

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6 thoughts on “05/26/10 WOD

  1. Alright, for the record, I was probably warming up and the ball was there to demonstrate to others correct range of motion………… Ahhh who am I kidding? I can’t lie. Ya that was me. Look at what great form I had. Shoulders in a nice relaxed position, bar hovering over my head rather than behind it, and all the weight is beautifully transferred to my toes. The expression on my face is just how I roll. It’s not that it was hard. 🙂 Well all sarcasm aside, yes I have come a long way since those days. Today I did the 135lb. Hard as hell and my time sucked, but I did it and that’s what counts. A little more technique work and I’ll smash this one next time.

  2. Also, Lindsay is right. With all of the filming I’ve done over the past year, It is seriously impressive to see how far everyone has come. As I watch old footage, I see people that were struggling with the bands on pullups are now hammering out numerous pullups without any assistance. Weights have gone up, body compositions have changed dramatically. The list goes on and on. I’m proud of everyone! You stay classy CFTC! 🙂

  3. Brody, i am laughing out loud at your comments! You did sooo great today, i was impressed. Even though it was way tough, you stuck with it and finished! Good job everyone, today sucked! Bad. And i did the 45 lb bar. Also, i LOVE the skill work AFTER the WOD, just my opinion but i say do it that way from now on. When we do it before the WOD i don’t push myself to complete it because i’m afraid of wearing myself out before the WOD. Today i worked really hard to complete it all because i knew i was done!

  4. Well my OHS finally went up to a wopping 65 pds. I still had to set the bar down every 10 so that I could have correct form, but I am finally pass the 45-55 pd mark 🙂 This is huge for me because I have had to learn X-fits squat, I am not use to that full range of motion thing you guys do! As for the L-pull-ups, hahahahahahaha, thats all I have to say 🙂

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