05/27/10 WOD




25 Pull-ups

50 Deadlifts- 135m/95w

50 Push-ups

50 Box Jump- 24″

50 Floor Wipers- 135m/95w

50 Clean & Press-ย  35m/26w

25 Pull-ups


05/26/10 WOD Results

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11 thoughts on “05/27/10 WOD

  1. This workout was so freak’n hard! Ash, thanks for your help. My deepest apologies for the profanity and crotch shots!

  2. Nothing like profanity and crotch shots to start out your Thursday!

    Hey fellow crossfitters:

    For those who are staying in town this weekend, we are going to have a little bbq on Sunday afternoon if anyone wants to join us. If so, just bring a meat you want Brook to grill up for you and a side dish to share (if you want to, not necessary) and we’ll have beer, pop, munchies and dessert. Kids welcome! E-mail either brook or me at brookjer@msn.com if you want to come and we’ll give you directions! and I PROMISE not to get into any fights!

  3. Ashley S tried to fly under the radar and HIDE her birthday! Why would you do that??? Embarrassing pictures on your birthday are the BEST way to celebrate ๐Ÿ™‚ Luckily her sister blew it for her (and FB) so HAPPY BIRTHDAY ASH! Sorry i wasn’t there to celebrate with you! Thanks for convincing me to start crazy cross fit 1 year ago!

  4. Ah jeez! I knew Mindi would spill the beans! Too bad it is too late for a picture! And your welcome for Crossfit, now you are beating me on everything, how did that happen? You need to get your rear in there and do the workout today!

    Jacie, you did awesome today! I can’t believe you kept that 95 lb bar up. And I love a little spicy language early in the morning, makes it exciting! I will be laughing all day about the “riding up the a$$” comment!
    Good workout today, thanks Lindsay and Bitty!

  5. Happy Birthday Ashley…You are a little energizing animal!!! It’s always a little frustrating to see you done so fast…actually it makes me work harder to finish when I see you done. 28 right??? Love ya!!!

  6. Happy b-day Ashley, I knew it was your b-day but I’m a bad friend and didn’t show this morning, but I went tonight. Also I wanted to say how proud of my wifey I am, she’s been working on pullups she’d never done more than 2 consecutive until Saturday when she did several sets of 4 or 5, but tonight, she did all the pullups in the WOD, all 50!!!! Good for you babe, I knew you had it in you, just needed a little push to do it. Sorry about the tears on your hands, but that’s what happens when your bad A!!!!

  7. Jana! I’m so proud of you!! I am a little upset i had to hear about it on the comment section of crossfit the club but i forgive you since your hands are probably to sore to text me ๐Ÿ™‚ Can’t wait til Murph when we get to do 100! Get healing those hands, i’m glad today was my day off ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Alright Ashley….that’s 50 burpees for HIDING THE FACT THAT IT WAS YOUR BIRTHDAY! I feel like such a jerk! Now it’s too late to sing….but that was your plan all along. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Jana, awesome on your pull-ups! That’s quite a FEAT! Congratulations.

    Oh….and I’m STILL laughing about what you said this morning Jacie. That was so funny, I think I spit when I laughed outloud! I LOVE the early morning classes! You guys rock.

  9. Jana I am so proud of you!! You need to learn how to brag like Chase does! ha ha ha
    Great job!! I should have been there to watch ๐Ÿ™

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