06/01/10 WOD

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Power Cleans- 5 sets of 3, rest 90 sec.

Supinated Dead Hang Pull-ups- 5 sets of 10, rest 90 sec.



3 Rounds for time of:

15 KB Clean & Jerks (right arm)- 53m/35w


15 KB Clean & Jerks (left arm)

200 Meter Farmers Carry (single arm)


*ATTENTION* There will be some slight changes to the summer schedule.  We will now be having an open gym time between 8-9am, and dropping the 6pm on Friday.  Crossfit for Kids will be starting June 7th, as well as Crossfit Football Style on June 2nd.  A new schedule will be on the schedule page soon.  Thanks


05/29/10 WOD Results- “Murph”

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14 thoughts on “06/01/10 WOD

  1. Happy 1 year anniversary to my 6am friends. I remember last year when this class started, I was the heaviest in the class and always had the slowest times. Now a year later, I’m the heaviest in the class, still have the slowest times, and I have new scars that I didn’t have before. BUT, with better range of motion and with heavier weights and I’ve gained a lot of awesome friends and role models who help me every day.
    Seriously though, before I started this class, I was getting up several times a night because my joints and muscles were so constricted that I was in waking up in pain and we were starting to think about how we would have to change the layout of our house if I had to get a wheelchair. Now the pain has lessened and I sleep so well, that I’ve slept right through class several times (whoops).
    Thanks to Lindsay and your awesome group of trainers for pushing us all to do our best.

  2. Scot……you are my hero! You amaze me. Great job, so far…..and in the years to come! Thanks for putting smiles on our faces everyday with your awesome sense of humor and your dedication to Crossfit.

  3. Oh, I forgot. In honor of all that our trainers do for us, I’ve decided to declare today and tomorrow as “HUG YOUR TRAINER DAY”. For those of you that are in Scott Clayson’s class, he has asked that you give him a hug after each round of your WOD. So don’t forget to show your appreciation for your trainers with a big sweaty hug.

  4. Nice job Scot, you’ve done awesome since you’ve started and have been more dedicated than anyone, good work. I had completely forgot that it was also my 1 year anniversary this morning, well actually I think I started a couple days in May at 7 a.m. but I “officially” started June 1, 2009 when they opened up the 6 a.m. class. Congratulations to all my 6 a.m. friends who’ve made it 1 year, we should celebrate with cookies, cupcakes and donuts? Thanks to our trainers also for waking up so early to greet us with a smile.

  5. I’m also a very proud 6:a.m.er and have loved??? every minute of a year in Crossfit!!!! Dustin you were our first trainer. Thanks for teaching us all the ins and outs of Crossfit. Correct form was very big with you and I’m greatful you took us all by our weak little hands/arms/legs and took the time to show us how to do it right. I also get nostalgia whenever I hear “Man in the Mirror”!! Scott, you ROCK!!! It’s an honor to row with you. You have worked so hard and I’m so glad that it has helped with your joints and muscles. Thanks Lindsay, Sherrie, and Bitty…you always expect the best out of us all and that makes us all try that much harder!

  6. BAHAHAHA….sorry, I hit post apparently and I was not done! Can I just say that my 1 year anniversary isnt until August so I have a couple more months to really work on my goals :)! A BIG THANK YOU to Tuesday mornings 5 and 6 AM classes. I really love to teach and have enjoyed being able to instruct you in something that I have such a passion for! It makes me SO proud to see you working on and perfecting your form each morning whether Im teaching or working out with you! Thank you for being an inspiration to me! Your ALL such GREAT people! I wouldnt want to suffer with anyone else-haha

  7. I tried to give Lindsay a hug, but he got that evil look he gets during a WOD, you know the one where his veins pop out on top of his head. I quickly reconsidered my decision in fear of my life.

  8. Haha Chase….we all know THAT look! 😉 I don’t think I’m even capable of that look. Ok Scot, nice try on the ‘Hug your Trainer Day’ declaration, but I’m afraid it didn’t catch on!

  9. It’s a skill that everyone will have to work on. Everyone record your hugs and we’ll try it again in a couple of months to see if your skills improve.

  10. I think I got like 15 hugs…though I had to remind people it was “Hug Your Trainer Day”…but I’m sure that still counts…hahaha Great Job Scot W.

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