06/04/10 WOD

I don’t know what a grown man is doing on a kids toy horse machine, but look how far you’ve come Walt.  You are now becoming a lean, mean, machine.   Keep up the good work. 

We have had some awesome results turned in from our 10 week swimsuit challenge.  We will be getting together as trainers and voting soon.  It just goes to show that in Crossfit we don’t use machines, we make them!



4 rounds for time of:

400 meter run

50 squats


Skill Set

L-sits build-ups- 2 min

Med Ball Circuit


06/03/10 WOD Results

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12 thoughts on “06/04/10 WOD

  1. Hey everyone! Jeff and I are going to have a house warming party next Saturday, June 12th and would love for you guys to come! I’ll post more on the discussion board under the events section. Hope to see you there! I miss you guys like crazy!

  2. Happy birthday Chase…. Does anyone know when there will be no more 6pm on Fridays… If we are having one tonight let me know… Thanks

  3. Happy Birthday Chase!! Maybe for your b-day WOD Lindsay will post one of the “hell week” workouts you suggested….just saying..OR Tory said you might wanna do “Fran”…again. Have a great day!

  4. I just wanted to say thanks to all the trainers, we moved gravel today by shovel and I actually held my own with the boys!!!

  5. Hey Aby – summer schedule starts tonight so no more 6pm classes on Friday!! We of course found out by showing up and having no one there – in fact we passed Hawk on the way out. It didn’t stop us from doing the WOD though – good times, good times!

  6. Julie L…. Still couldn’t make it as I didn’t get out of work till late… I am proud of you guys for doing it on your own

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