06/08/10 WOD


We have two Birthday’s to celebrate, the big guy above, Chase H. and Teresa A.  I don’t know why every picture I get of Chase he is always flexing.  Teresa you can thank your husband for no embarrasing photo.  Happy Birthday to the both of you, hope you enjoy the workout.





With a single 2 pood kettlebell:

21 Turkish get-ups, Right arm

50 Swings

21 Overhead squats, Left arm

50 Swings

21 Overhead squats, Right arm

50 Swings

21 Turkish get-ups, Left arm


*As Rx’ed above (2 pood= 70lbs men, 1.5 pood= 53lbs women)

Level I


Level II


Level III



My wife just saw the wod for today and is really mad (all the turkish get-ups).  I know it looks brutal but crossfit is constantly varied, do things you’ve never done before or need improvement in.  Good luck with this one!


06/07/10 WOD Results

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13 thoughts on “06/08/10 WOD

  1. I have been doing the jump rope routines that were on the website, just so everyone knows they kill!!!! But in a good way 🙂

  2. Loraine: I need to try those. I’ve been making a point to practice my rope each day. It’s getting better. I just wish I could have done better in the last two jump rope WODs. Good thing about CF, there’s always a next time! Sherrie & Kurt: Thanks for the support at the end of today’s WOD. I know it was ugly to watch but I definitely appreciate the encouragement. Because of that I finished before the cut off on level 3. Next time, 72lb all the way! Ha!

  3. Chase is a good case study that taking HGH from your early childhood to adulthood does not have any I’ll effect. Geesh

  4. Way to go 5, 6, and 7 AM (these are the only ones I witnessed 🙂 ) ! This was an extremely brutal WOD to watch from a trainers point of view! I don’t think I have ever witnessed a WOD that destroyed people in the first 5 reps! I was proud of all of the determination you each showed! This was difficult, no matter what weight you chose. If I could do it again though, with a 40-minute CAP time, I would have went heavier and gone slower. I went light, but finished in half the time! Good thing there’s always next time! If you havent gone yet, my advice is to watch a couple of tutorials on form and technique. It definitely makes the movement easier and go a little heavier. Be SURE to concentrate on the breathing part! It REALLY helps! …and Brody…thats my job 🙂

    CHASE: Why are you wearing an afghan? DId you seriously try to pose for that picture starkers? I’m just thinking of the swimsuit pict…hahaha

  5. Tony and Gary – you guys are SO strong! I was only good for about 4 Turkish getups at the 53lb then had to switch to 35lb and you guys did 53lb the whole time; incredible! Joni and Celeste – you chicks are seriously tough; 35lb the whole time – WOW! Nice job you guys – really motivates me to do more!

  6. this work out was a humbling one. Having to drop to ZERO because I couldn’t squat AND hold weight/keep any kind of form on the OHS (like I really needed one more way for that exercise to defeat me) and then left side weight vs. right side weight on the turkish gets ups – sheesh!

    I just have to say “Way to Go” to EVERYONE that made it through this work out – no matter what weight you lifted – it was tough!!

    Joni and Celeste – you did 35 for everything!! You are both seriously deserving of Hero status – you ladies ROCK!!

  7. Way to go 9am people! I didn’t witness any other groups but there were a few people that did level 3 and smashed it! My goal is to be able to put a level 3 on the strength programs, I never got to put an RX on them so thats the goal.

  8. Ha ha i bet chase could have rx d this workout when he was that age….and get the time of the day! Happy birthday brotha!

  9. Thanks Justin, Julie and Loraine. It was a very tough workout. I HONESTLY considered quitting at one point. But my fearless leader wouldn’t let it happen. Thank you Lindsay. I have never been so close to tears during a WOD until this one. Everyone who finished this WOD deserves a “Way To Go”.

  10. I also almost cried, for real. And i was only doing a 10lb weight switched with a 20lb and then the 35 on the swings. I got my butt kicked today. I hate that WOD. 35 the whole time?? Are you kidding??

    And yes Sherrie, that is an afghan 🙂 Look at his muscles! He was so super strong even at a young age, believe me i know, he used to beat me up 🙁 That’s probably why i’m trying to pull his afghan off before the picture was taken. It didn’t work.

  11. Dang, I look good, honestly when I saw the picture without my contacts, I thought it was my boy Boston. And Lindsay, you could have at least made my b-day WOD hard, turkish get ups? Come on, those are cake…………
    j/k I was part of the crowd that thought I wasn’t going to make it, I looked around on my last set of get ups and everyone was finished, very humbling. I do feel a bit sheepish, I always try for Rx on a hero/benchmark wod, the mainsite Rx calls for a 2 pood KB, I thought that was 53#, nope it’s 72#, not sure I could have done it, but I would have liked to try it for old Arnie.

  12. Ok Chase look at Arnie again, i bet his arms are HUGE under that shirt. You can do it again and do 72. I’ll make sure and request it 🙂 And Julie, i’m with you, i think Lindsay is mean this week. It was a tough 3 days. I may not ever go back, i’m traumatized.

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