06/10/10 WOD

Anyone interested in running the South Ogden Days 5K?  The course looks a lot better this year and would love to get a bunch of Crossfitters out together for a run.  The race is June 24th, which is a Thursday at 8pm.  Who’s in?



Shoulder Press- 5 x 5 ( build up to a heavy 5)



4 rounds each for time of:

800 meter run

*rest as needed between efforts


06/09/10 WOD Results

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18 thoughts on “06/10/10 WOD

  1. Can you put some wheels on a couple of rowers? If so, then Julie Boyer and I are in also………..What, you can’t? Oh………Ummm, I think I’m at girls camp or something that day. Sorry.

  2. This wod was awesome! So nice to have a break from 2000 pd deadlifts, 1000 pd thrusters if ya know what I mean 🙂 But just so everyone knows this wod was hard! Thanks Scott for the sit-ups, everytime you said this is the last set I would push really hard and then you say and heres one more, so I actually pushed really hard through all of them, hahaha. But we do need to talk about padding, ok, so we have the Depends for jump rope days, so I was thinking we could have the Cork for sit-up days, just like a cork your going to wedge that baby between your butt cheeks and then tie it Sumo style to hold it in place, maybe this device will help with the butt burns. 🙂

  3. If you need some comvincing, I ran it last year and placed in my age group and won a sweet prize! Someone else, I won’t say who, won a tanning pass! They do a big raffle after also and give some big prizes, I think even a one year club membership! You all should do it!

  4. I will do it, Kurt will too 🙂 Hey where’s that awesome picture of him finishing last year?? O and don’t go near the bushes, that is where ‘some people’ choose to puke 😉 It is a fun one, you should all do it! The kids k is way fun too, it is before the race. My kids loved it 🙂

  5. Hey Scot I love the rower idea ! You were amazing today and thank you Julie B for letting me sweat with you:) It was fun!

  6. Kellie want’s to know if she can push my boys in a stroller. I will of course not be doing that. She’s a die hard. Anyways, if she can then we are both in.

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