06/12/10 WOD

Can you tell where we do our handstand push-ups?



Your choice in team size, you can have 2-4 person teams.  Complete all of 2008 Crossfit Games workouts + a run for time:

Chest to Bar Fran



Chest to bar pull-ups



5 Rounds of:

5 Deadlifts- 275m/185w

10 Burpees


Squat Clean to Overhead– 30 reps- 155m/95w


2 x 465 meter (3 laps) relay– one athlete will run and tag the other when they get back, each will complete twice.

* Only one athlete may work at a time.  Work sets may be done in any order.


06/11/10 WOD Results

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7 thoughts on “06/12/10 WOD

  1. Just so everyone knows the Jumprope routines are awesome! I did the shoulder routine today, the one with clapping pushups. At the end I couldn’t even jump rope because my shoulders were dead. Hahahaha I love it!!!

  2. I thought i’d mention that Chase’s daughter, Aubree, who is 9, met Pukie this morning in the Udays 5k run. She did so good and even got a 3rd place medal. She has her dads determination and drive, it was way cute 🙂


    …and this would be a fun WOD to do on a weekday :)…..and I’m anxiously awaiting “Seven” again 🙂

  4. Dude….Chase, it’s in her blood! Wait, have you met Pukie? Well, her determination anyway. Or is it the flu? 😉

  5. I must say I was one proud papa, to see her puke sometime in the early stages of the 5k and still want to finish because, well, she’s a finisher. I have to thank Blake and Jacie for sticking with her until I came back to find her. She started out the race WAY too fast, I think through the first 1/2 mile she was in 4th place overall. And the tough little gal was begging to do a WOD later that night, but we had to remind her she ran 3+ miles earlier in the day. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone with as much drive as her, she’s amazing. And no Bitty I don’t push it hard enough to meet pukie, there have been days I’ve been close, but not yet.

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