06/21/11 WOD

One of the first crossfit chicks to start at CFTC.  I still remember first day that Joni dragged Candie to crossfit and the look she had on her face that she did not want to be there.  Now 3 years later and much strong then a 45lb bar Candie  is still going strong.  Happy Birthday Candie, thanks for all that you have done for me..  Be sure to check out the clothing line Candie started.. LoveFit Nation.



“Pain is Candie”

See you there!


Paleo Challenge-  there have been some questions about the paleo challenge.  The challenge will start next Monday, the class on Thursday is to provide info on paleo and why paleo.  The entry fee for the challenge is $20 (money holds people more accountable)   You will need to pay your money and get your measurements done by Monday.  We will be doing measurements and weigh-ins on Thursday at 10am after the first class.  Friday at 11am and 6pm and Saturday at 11am.  If you can not make any of those times please let me know and we can make arrangements.  There will be cash and prizes for the top 5 winners.  Refer to home page for details.


06/20/11 WOD Results

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8 thoughts on “06/21/11 WOD

  1. Happy Birthday Candie!! I’m a little nervous about this wod. I think i’ll stay home and just sit on fb all day so i can win free gear. Yup. That sounds more fun 🙂

  2. Happy bday Candie and thanks for inspiring Lindsay to put my 2 favorite things crammed in 1 WOD: Pain and Candy!!!!

  3. Happy Birthday Candie – thanks for encouraging me and Aaron to show up and try out this crazy thing called CrossFit. One day, if we keep at it, we can all look as strong as you!! 🙂

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