06/22/11 WOD



Push Jerk- 5 sets of 3 reps; build to a heavy triple.

*Rest as needed

For Time:


Box Jumps- 24″

Hang Power Snatch- 75m/55w

C2B Pull-ups


What is Paleo class tomorrow (Thursday) at 9am and 6pm.  We will meet in the confrence room by the raquetball courts.

Weigh-in times:

Thursday 10am

Friday 8am, 6pm

Saturday 11am

*If you cannot make any of these times talk to me and we can make arrangments.


06/21/11 WOD Results


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9 thoughts on “06/22/11 WOD

  1. Barry – I found your Ogden Athletic Club card in the Crossfit room; I gave it to the front desk. Of course my valiant deed warranted the purchase of several items at the snack bar using your card – I knew you wouldn’t mind. Totally kidding about the purchases (I always use Dirk’s card for that).

  2. sorry ton of questions! tomorrow at the 6 o clock paleo class do we bring the 20 dollars??
    and… for the weigh in do we get measured as well??
    do you guys take the before pics or do we ourselves at home?

    1. Bring the 20 when you get your measurements and weigh ins, you get your weight, bicep, waist, hip and thigh for measurements. You take the pictures and send to me.

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