06/24/10 WOD


.….. and the winners are:




 These three, through their hard work and dedication, rose to the top and seperated themselves from the others.  Thanks to everyone that participated in the Swimsuit Challenge.   Everyone had awesome results.  I wish I could share all the before and afters.  You would be amazed at the changes everyone had that finished.    Keep up the hard work, continue to eat healthy and keep on Crossfitting.



For time:

50 Double Unders

5 Thrusters-95m/65w

40 Double Unders

10 Thrusters

30 Double Unders

15 Thrusters

20 Double Unders

20 Thrusters

10 Double Unders

25 Thrusters



Med Ball Circuit


06/23/10 WOD Results



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18 thoughts on “06/24/10 WOD

  1. Remember the south ogden days 5k starts at 8pm. I hope to see you all there and if I beat anyone its a 100 burpee penalty. No one should run slower then me!

  2. I’m very proud of the progress my wife made both physically and mentally during the challenge. Great job Jer, Walt and Tory!

  3. CONGRATS you wonderful Swimsuit Challenge Winners….and the rest of us who won by default, just cuz we participated. Let’s keep it up.

    Good luck in the 5K tonight everyone. Lindsay, if I end up having to do 100 Burpees……. hmmmmmm… all of a sudden, I don’t feel so well, ‘cough, cough’! 😉

  4. Jerilynn, Walt, and Tori, Awesome job! You guys look great! Lindsey, after 225 air squats and 5 rounds of 50 feet lunges with 45lb plate, my legs are dead. So I am with Bitty, if I have to do 100 burpees……………………I will develop a sickness. See you tonight.

  5. Great job guys!!! You all look great! That is a hard diet to maintain for a long but keep it up!

    We will be there tonight and just a word of advice to everyone coming, bring your bug spray, especially if you are bringing your kids, the mosquitos are in full force out there!

    ..and i’m not liking the 100 burpee penalty either 🙂

  6. JERILYNN and Tory Nice job. I agree with Blake, I’m feeling like a rubber chicken today and 100 burpees for not beating the Boss…. hmm I think Bitty’s cough is very contagious.

  7. Congrats to the winners. Lindsay you should make it 10 burpees for every minute you beat people by, then there’s incentive to just run as fast as possible to avoid the penalty, and on the other side, you owe us 10 burpees for every crossfitter that beats you, I’ll do the same, 10 burpees for every crossfitter that beats me, (Brody, James, Chris, Ashley……….the list could go for days) Blake B. I heard rumor that you were going to sport your swimwear (banana hammock), in honor of the swimsuit challenge, is this true? I think you’re scared, in fact I know you’re scared, I think Cole’s scared too. Good luck to all.

  8. Thanks for all of the congrats! I could never had stayed on the diet (and keep staying, I’m not going back to the darkside!) without Brook’s help – it would not be possible to maintain that way of eating if he didn’t help me AND cook such delicious paleo meals for me! Walt and Tory, you guys look amazing, a lot more amazing than me, but then I have NEVER been a fan of myself, and so to willingly hand over those before pics was HARD! Thanks again!

    P.S. All this talk about the 5K is making me feel guilty for not running it tonight – BUT my in-laws are coming into town and my house is a mess so if anyone wants to volunteer to clean my house so Brook and I can run, let me know! Anyone? No takers? Hmmmm…over burpees???

  9. Congrats to all the winners and participators alike! Tory: Every time I was with you at gatherings, Regionals, etc.. You were solid on the diet challenge and I was impressed. Jerilyn: The same goes for you. I read numerous posts on both CFTC website and FB and it was outstanding to see how well you were doing. Brook, you can cook for me anytime. Walt: I still remember your first day of CF, and the changes you’ve made so far are outstanding. All three of you are incredible! On to the 5K… It is impossible to catch Bitty’s cough through this web site because we have top notch anti virus / anti spam security. So none of the sickness excuses and I’ll see you there. I may just draft off of Lindsay the entire race then sprint passed him on the last 50ft thus avoiding burpees. Run smarter, not harder. 😉

  10. All you winners are amazing and have worked so hard!!! Congrats!!! Who can deny that all this REALLY works, in SO many ways!!! Good luck tonight in the race…..Jacie and I are heading to St. George…so Scott W..the rowing is out for tonight.

  11. Hey Jerilyn !! Yahoo for YOU! —Winner Winner chicken dinner ( without skin of coarse) You go girl. Yeah for us , um…more life experienced ( over 40 ) … Xfit chickies! I’m so proud of you 🙂

    Everyone that participated was a winner, you all look really great.

    Someone needs to open up a Paleo Place so we can all eat there without having to think about it. It would be a big money maker even if just the current crossfitters ate there $$$ KA_ CHING $$$ What do you think Linds??

  12. Ok Lindsay, figure it out, i will do my burpees in the morning. I know you beat me but not by far! My time was 26:01 i think.. Good job everyone, that was the toughest 5k i’ve ever ran. Seriously!

  13. Ok Lindsay I didn’t know about 100 bur pee penalty…. And I came in way behind… I ran/jogged/walked it in37:12 very proud of myself… So do I have all of them at once or I spread it out … I am happy I did this run I proved a lot to my self and to do this just as my ONE YEAR anniversary just passed… What a why to celebrate … Thanks to all ofvyou see you in class

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