06/25/10 WOD

CFTC Representing at the South Ogden Days 5k. 



AMSAP L-sits- 4 sets

rest 30 sec.

15 Toes to Bar- 4 sets

rest 30 sec.

GHD Back Extension- 4 sets

rest 30 sec.



For Time:


Bodyblasters (burpee, pull-up, knees to elbow)

Power Snatch- 95m/65w

KB Swings- 53m/35w


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14 thoughts on “06/25/10 WOD

  1. That’s a REALLY good picture! Everyone there represented so well. Those hills were ridiculous! Now Lindsay, don’t go getting any ideas for future WOD’s. The nature trail is there to enjoy. There is no reason for us to deviate off it’s path and climb those hills. Also quick props to my beautiful wife Kellie who has never ran a race before, and took 3rd in her division. You are incredible!

  2. NICE WORK EVERYONE!!! SO bummed I had to miss out. I had no idea I had to register by the day before or pay double! Your right Brody that is an Awesome picture! Way to Represent and way to go Kelllie! Your an animal 🙂

  3. Walt, I was looking at putting a team together for The Dirty Dash in September (www.dirtydash.com) I was going to name our team CrossFat. It looks like you no longer fit the requirements to be on my team. Great job to Jerilyn and Tory also. It looks like I might have to fill all five spots by myself this year.

  4. Great job guys. I wasn’t able to run last night. But I did the work out! LOL Am i disappointed I didn’t run, um not so much. But im sad I didn’t get to see all of you. Your such a great group to be apart of. I miss so many of you from the morning class. Great job. See you Monday!!

  5. Scott, that would be fun. CrossFat is Awesome! Believe me my CrossFit brother The Pizza Monsters haunt us. They hide in every store they are on every corner… Melted cheese, fatty meats delicious crusts and curious toppings! Crying out of the cold eeeeeaaaaatttttt me!

    BTW I’m not sure how everyone else felt but this week seemed like a serious arse kicker to me… I don’t remember being so sore, taking so much Motrin and breaking out in so many episodes of “Tourette Syndrome” in a long time….

  6. Lets see, from the post yesterday these people owe me burpees- Mindi, Jana, Trudy, Ashley, Stacey, Julie, Curtis, Blake, Kurt, Tori, Walt, Autumn (I dont care you were pushing a stroller) Heidi… well, thats a lot of people. I guess I could just add them in the wod tomorrow and make everyone do it. And for all of those that beat me, how about double or nothing on “Fran”?

  7. Deal…….. but wait, what do I gain from doing Fran with you? Pain and suffering, I see no point. Lets see how many burpees you owe should we? Mike, Brody, Chris, Marie, Chase, Scott, Kellie? I’m sure there’s more, come forth so we can all watch Lindsay do burpees.

  8. Sweet…….where was I when the picture was taken? Anyway, keep me out of the burpees, I finished in 22:35. I will not take double or nothing on Fran……not a good bet for me since I can’t even beat my wife on that WOD (and for the record most wods)

  9. I’ll do my portion of burpees and i’d LOVE to watch all of you who beat Lindsay do Fran for double or nothin! Although, i’m not sure you’d be real smart to take that bet. I’d do your burpees and call it good, chances are you’ll end up doing Fran AND burpees! He’s tricking you guys, he just wants you to suffer!!! …but really i want to be there to watch when you all do Fran 🙂

  10. Thanks to everyone above for the humor and entertainment. I love reading all your hilarious comments…just totally made my night :)! LOL

  11. I am pretty sure I don’t owe any burpees since I didn’t even finish! Right? And I ran 5 miles today just to make sure I could and was fine…exercising at night is no bueno for me! Good job everyone!

  12. Good job to all you running crossfitters! I wish you would quit betting though cuz some of us are still struggling to just finish the easy WODS!! Seriously you are all very motivating to me!

    Scot I’m in if you want me???

  13. Thanks Chase….nice to know I (don’t) stand out in a crowd. No one ever remembers 2nd place. 😉 Boo!

    I enjoy Fran…..I take that bet. Wait, what’s the RX weight for girls?

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