06/25/11 WOD

I went shopping today at Costco for the paleo challenge starting on Monday.  Two hundred and ten dollars later it doesn’t even seem like we bought much!  And we wonder why Americans are overweight and have all sorts of disease’s related to obesity.  It is much easier for me to go to McDonald’s everyday and spend $10 and feed the whole family…give me a break for being healthy!



In teams of 2 you will complete:

4 Rounds

Round 1 (5 min)

Run 465m

20 SDHP- 135m/85w

Max Wall Ball- 20/15


Round 2 (5 min)

Run 465m

20 Bar Facing Burpees

Max 2 fer 1’s Wall Ball- 20/15


Round 3 (5 min)

Run 465 m

60 KB Swings

Max Rage Ball- 20/15


Round 4 (5 min)

Run 465 m

80 Bar Hops

Max Wall Climbs



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One thought on “06/25/11 WOD

  1. The price is definitely the down side of paleo eating. However healthier people earn more on average than unhealthy so it will all come back to you!

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