07/01/10 WOD


“A little bit of Everything”

7 Rounds of:


7 Hang Power Cleans

7 Burpees


7 Pull-ups

7 Deadlifts


*Recommended Weight

Level I


Level II



REMEMBER- We will be closed this Saturday, July 3rd.  Also the class times are different on Thursday we only have 5, 6, 9 am and 5, 6pm classes.


06/30/10 WOD Results

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9 thoughts on “07/01/10 WOD

  1. From now on can we not take pictures of Chris P., so we think that she is a boy so we can all feel good about our own scores, no just teasing but I am still in awwww

  2. Tony has a new nic name if you see him he likes to be called “locker room Tony”. That wod was hard then expected today, if you havent done it today be sure to get in and do it.

  3. I must agree that was HARD!! I guess you weren’t kidding when you said you were going to kill us this week. What happened to all those workouts with three rounds?? Now we have moved up to seven rounds.

  4. I agree with Autumn. Why do you do all the good ones on Thursday!! I should’ve forgot rest day and just gone. I guess i’ll just hope for the best for tomorrow!

  5. I had to work late, so I ended up doing this one in my back yard just before the sun went down. No doubt this one was a destroyer! I couldn’t tell what I hated worse… The SDHP at 135lb., or the swarms of mosquitoes attacking me because I was dripping in sweat. Anyone who didn’t do this one and is looking for something to replace this weekends Saturday WOD… Have at it!

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