07/02/10 WOD

I saw this workout called “Bar Appreciation” last year on Crossfit 801’s website and we had to try it.  Here are the pictures from last years workout.  I have been waiting all winter to do it again, I hope it is as much fun the second time as it was last year.  If you plan on coming today please be there early, there will be a limited amount of bars, so first come first serve.




400 meter barbell carry

21 Shoulder Press

21 Push Press

21 Push Jerk

400 meter barbell carry

21 Back Squat

21 Front Squat

21 Thrusters

400 meter barbell carry

Recommended Weight- Men 65#/Women 45#

*Whatever you do don’t put the bar down.  The bar will be your friend for the next 20+ minutes, caress it, love it, show it how much you care about it… and don’t set it down!


07/01/10 WOD Results

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8 thoughts on “07/02/10 WOD

  1. THIS workout last year was the first time I ever BLED in Crossfit! Word to the wise…..watch the ends of your bar while you run with it, considering what you might run into with it. Each of us is a ‘wide load’ whilst running with a bar on your shoulders!! 😉

  2. Ah…. You finally do this one, and not on a Saturday?! Now I’m suddenly wondering if I could make it up to Ogden in time for one of the late classes….

  3. Bar Appreciation was fun! I liked it! I know i’m weird. I think all the hype scared me to death so when i actually did it, it wasn’t too bad. The worst part was carrying the bar, the 21 reps of each weren’t too bad at all. It was more of a mental struggle for me today, as soon as Lindsay mentioned ‘will power’ i thought, ah crap, i always lose when i’m up against will power! But i didn’t lose today, i made it without putting the bar down! I’m pretty sure everyone at 7am made it. Good job everyone!! Don’t be afraid if you haven’t gone, go and do it, it was fun!

  4. I just looked at my workout log from when I started CF, I did this WOD my 2nd and it took me 24:44, so we’ll see how much progress I’ve made in 13 months of crossfit. Pressures on.

  5. After careful consideration I chose my bar today at the 9:00 am class. I put a couple of nice 10 lb bracelets on her wrists and courted her all the way out to the street. We made small talk and then it was off on our date. We didn’t leave each other for the next 22:05 min and like instructed, I caressed and loved her. Midway through the date I developed a love/hate relationship with her. Lindsey noticed that I was getting too attached to my date and told me that “I needed to bring her home because ALL the bars were his”, like some overprotective John. I gave her back, but soon after I wanted to take her out again, behind Jacie’s back, because she and her date had beaten me! But, as the day goes on, I hope to not see her again for a while!!

  6. Why do the pictures show all of the people with pads on their bars? I don’t recall that being an option this morning. After that one, my ego is bruised, slightly. My shoulders are bruised, severely.

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