07/05/10 WOD

This is Chris when she first started Crossfit…

This is Chris after she drank of the Crossfit Kool-aid!


We also have another birthday to celebrate.  Can you guess who this guy is, looking up Sherrie’s skirt?

Give me a D, give me an I, give me a R, give me a K.  What’s that spell?  Dirk, Dirk, Dirk!  Happy Birthday,  (you can’t see it but I am doing spirit fingers now)!



For time:

Run 1240 meters (8 laps)



Power Snatch- 95m/65w


Row 1000 meters



Deadlift- 225m/155w



WOD Results (bar appreciation) 07/02/10

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14 thoughts on “07/05/10 WOD

  1. Sherrie,
    I thought we were friends? Lindsay I have some GREAT pictures of Sherrie when her B-Day rolls around. Oh by the way I really want to see the spirit fingers! I have a spirit FINGER for Fazio!

  2. Ba Ha Ha! WHO gave up that picture?? I luv it! (Dirk, i’m totally just jealous that you were a cheerleader and i wasn’t) Chris, you look amazing, as usual!! Happy Birthday to you both! Looks like a fun wod, wish i didn’t just eat s’mores!

  3. Happy Birthday Chris! I love your enthusiasm, humor, and the motivation you give each of us to better ourselves (even when you don’t realize it.) I’m glad I’ve had the opportunity to get to know you this year! Have a wonderful day! 🙂

  4. …and for the recod, that’s not my skirt he’s looking up…my hair was A LOT bigger than that 😉

  5. Are you kidding me?! After all the crap I ate this weekend, now I have to go out and buy 2 birthday cakes and eat them all by my self in celebration of your birthdays??? Well alright… I can do that. Happy birthday you two!!

  6. Have a great birthday Chris! Amazing before/after photos. Let’s celebrate when I get back from vacation. Love ya, Stacy

  7. I take back my previous comment about the wod looking ‘fun’ Not. Fun. At. All.

    Lindsay, i think you should have a ‘pick your nemisis’ day and we can all do a wod of our choice that we’d like to do-over. Just an idea 🙂

  8. This one looks like it might take a few minutes…or so. You’re amazing Chris! What a transformation you’ve made! Happy Birthday to both of you!

  9. This was a painfully-fun first day back to CrossFit. When I saw the WOD I was temped to wait until tomorrow to come back. But, I couldn’t resist. I’m glad I came today, but not sure that I’ll feel the same tomorrow morning.

  10. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Can’t stop laughing at the photos from today, not so much Chris, but that other gentleman doing the RAH RAH. Happy B-day to both of you, you both rock it day in and day out (except for Diggler when he’s on vacation, which is 50% of the time). And by the way, your b-day wod was exceptionally hard.

  11. Happy Birthday Chris!!! I love everything about you. I remember running into you at Target just after you started crossfit shopping for your “new” diet. You looked good then, but look even more amazing now! I hated the wod that Lindsay chose for your bday though, seriously hated it!!!

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