07/05/11 WOD

Give me a D…give me a I…give me a R…give me a K.  Whats that spell…Dirk, Dirk, Dirk…ya!

Better known as The CEU PIMP!  Trudy loved it when Dirk wore his Teva’s and socks.

We also have another Birthday, Happy Birthday Spencer (the one in red).  Spencer is from Lyman Wyoming, he used to kick the crap out of guys like Dirk!


Dirks WOD

20 seconds on/ 10 sec off of:

Spirit Fingers

Toe Touches

Shoulder Shimmies


For everyone else,


1.  Back Squat- 5 x 5 of 75% of 1RM

2.  7 Rounds of:

Every 3 minutes complete:

310 m Run

15 Toes to Bar



Today will be the first day of a short 5 week strength cycle.  The strength cycle will be done 5x/week, with Thursday’s and Sunday’s as a rest day.

5 Week Cycle

Week 1

Day 1

1.  Back Squat- 5 x 5 @ 75% of 1RM

2.  Clean Grip Dead lift (90% of clean)- 5 x 3

3.  Push Press- 5 x 5 @ 70% of 1RM



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8 thoughts on “07/05/11 WOD

  1. Happy B-day Dirk buddy! Living next to people that used to cheer with you has really paid off as far as getting some nice photos! Too funny! Keylee and I love you and hope your day totally ROCKs! Spencer, I tried to get some crazy photos of you too, but failed – there is always next year! Keylee and I hope your day is special as well!

  2. Good stuff… Happy Birthday to both of you. And I think Dirk benches like 390, so I don’t think too many guys will be kicking the crap out of him anytime soon!

  3. Happy bday double dream feet. You are a very precious person. And Spencer, my money is on you when you decide to kick the crap out of Dirk.

  4. Happy Birthday to the both of you! Spencer, you got off easy man. We’ll have to dig up some dirt on you for next year. On a totally unrelated matter I was shopping at the local health food store today… ok ok, you got me, it was Wal-Mart. Anyways, I run into everyone’s favorite Julie Boyer and start a wonderful conversation. During the conversation, I notice a pungent odor emanating from somewhere. We both continued to talk without any mention of it even though deep down I knew she had to smell it as well. Like true CrossFit’rs, we held strong to the very end. Eventually we had to “clear the air” so to speak. She did smell it, and that’s when I realized my little Leo boy had dropped a quite unholy bomb in his pantaloons. Sorry about that Julie. Thanks for being such a good sport! 🙂

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