07/06/10 WOD

Good luck to Steve, who just left for SUU to start football camp.  All that hard work is going to pay off.  Who’s ready for some  football ?  Go AGGIES!  Hey Dirk & Sherrie could you give us a cheer!



For Time:



Box Jump- 24m/20w



*Rest as needed*


3 Rounds of:

10 KB Windmills

20 GHD Sit-ups

30 Scissor Kicks (4 count)


Recommended Weight:

Level I


Level II


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4 thoughts on “07/06/10 WOD

  1. So… after today’s WOD I came home and decided to unload our 20 foot canoe off the truck (by myself)… Everything was going well until… I had it upside down, balancing on my head from there, I had to lift it up above my head and flip it over… I laughed for a couple of minutes, thought about just letting it down and then crawling out from under it… I sighed, then threw it up over my head, caught the middle bar flipped it over and gently laid it on the ground.. It was…. AMAZING,, I got an applause from the neighbors, who were secretly watching me. I owe this spectacular maneuver to Cross Fit. I LOVE CROSS FIT!

  2. @adrianne – your comment hit a nerve. I have those moments all the time as well, and they are just fabulous! I turn a ridiculously unimaginable age this month, but crossfit has me in a condition that those sort of moments totally rock and make me forget about my age!

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