07/07/10 WOD

We have another birthday boy!  Happy Birthday Scot W.  There’s no secrets in Crossfit.



Cleans- take 10 minutes and build to a heavy 1 rep.



Benchmark Wednesday’s, from now on we will be doing a benchmark workout every Wednesday.  Starting with:


150 Wall Ball Shots For Time- 20m/14w


I  heard Scot talk about how much he loves a good benchmark workout, so here ya go Scot.  Anyone want to read a good story, read about Scot’s Story under Results and Testimonials and never complain again.  But Scot we do need the second half to that story…?


07/06/10 WOD Results

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12 thoughts on “07/07/10 WOD

  1. YES! I love that picture of you! (THAT should be your facebook profile pic!!) Happy Birthday to one of my favorite people, if anyone ever says i can’t, just look at what Scot does everyday! You are an inspiration to us all, keep it up!!

  2. Scot my friend whom I have known for ages…may you have the happiest birthday EVER 🙂 Your the best…enjoy your gift from Hannah Montana 😉

  3. Here’s my thoughts in 60 second….start the clock.
    -&@#*% Facebook *&#^@ gives all my secrets away*
    -I know what you’re all thinking. I look identical to that picture that was taken 24 years ago but if you look closely, you can see one small difference… In the picture, my hands are not bleeding.
    – I was going to borrow Chase’s speedo for that picture, but he was only 3 at the time.
    -My license may say that I’m now 40, but I only feel 67 after that b-day wod. I hope there aren’t too many stairs involved for the day.
    -Dirk, I look forward to when you pay back Sherrie, I will help you.
    -and last, you’re all invited to my surprise birthday party. It’s at Sherrie’s house at 7. Don’t tell Sherrie, it’s a surprise. Just show up. Don’t worry about food, she’ll feed all of us but bring lot’s of fireworks.

  4. Happy B-day Scot! I have always looked up to you!! And forty shorty, I hear it is the new thirty. Just make up a half b-day and then you will go back in time like me!! And you get more presents 🙂

  5. Happy Birthday! Dang I have missed to long. Vacation over the 4th and my little boy got hit by a bike yestereday, i’ve been home with him healing. Im hoping I will be there tomorrow. Kick butt everyone!

  6. Happy Birthday Scot. You are such an inspiration to me!! You are more than welcome to borrow Chase’s speedo anytime for a picture. Just ask me not Chase, I had to hide it from him in fear that he would do Fran in it. YUCK

  7. Scotty,
    You barley look a day over 39! We will plot revenge against Sherry. She is tricky, she will pretend to be your long time friend and then BAM! right in the back!

    Happy B-Day.!

    P.S. Your birthday WOD was almost as fun as mine 🙁

  8. Happy Birthday my friend! You are truly an inspiration to so many!! I seriously cannot believe you are 40 though??? I love the picture and would love to borrow those shoes if you still have them?? Have a great day:)

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