07/08/11 WOD

Everyone needs to take advantage of the Olympic Lifting classes every Monday and Thursday at 7pm.  We have more ladies attending then men, guys where are you?  I guess the ladies are the only ones that want to get stronger, great job Heidi, Marie, Jodie and Jana keep up the strong work.



1.  Overhead Squat (65% of snatch)- 3 x 5; w/ 3 sec pause at the bottom.


2.  3 Rounds for max reps of:

1 min Cal Row

1 min Box Jumps- 20″

1 min Clean & Jerk- 115m/85w

1 min Double Unders

1 min Wall Ball- 20m/15w

1 min Rest



Week 1

( because of the short week this cycle will be one day short)

Day 3

1.  OHS (65% of snatch) 3 x 5; w/ 3 sec pause in the bottom

2.  Tall Snatch- 3 x 3; find weight that allows good speed and sharp turnover

3.  High Hang Snatch- (60% of snatch)- 2 x 4

*On tall snatch and high hang sntaches, focus on immediate and aggressive pull under with arms, keeping elbows out to the sides.  Work on recieving in a full squat.


*It’s that time, I need everyone’s food journals that is participating in the 30 day challenge for the past two weeks.  Have you been feeling sluggish?  Here is a good article on low energy levels, check it out here.


07/07/11 WOD Results



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3 thoughts on “07/08/11 WOD

  1. ..well maybe if i had cool shoes like them i’d show up more often.

    FOOD JOURNAL?!? I never saw that in the rules!! Really?

  2. o yup!! #2 maintain a food log. Whoops. I totally missed that somehow.. i will do my best to get one together 🙂 Shouldn’t be that hard since all i’ve eaten is meat veggies fruit and nuts right? HA!

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