07/10/10 WOD


It’s Mr. Sensitive’s (Tory) Birthday!  We need to celebrate CFTC style but I have one question, do you normally pose shirtless with your dog?  I hope there wasn’t any peanut butter involved!  All kidding aside, Tory has made huge changes and works his butt off in Crossfit.  Check out some of his before and after pic’s from the swimsuit challenge. (sorry Tory, Chris gave me permission)

Pretty Amazing!  Happy Birthday Tory this one’s for you.


“The Foundations”
 All “9” CrossFit foundation movements….
Squat (back)
Front Squat
Overhead Squat
Shoulder Press
Push Press
Push Jerk
In teams of two, complete 50 reps of each foundation movement.  One partner works at a time, while other partner holds either Lunge Position, Plank Position or Wall Sit.  Pick a weight at the start of the workout, a weight used for ALL movements.  Good form is the key… only lift what you know you can complete for ALL movements… challenge yourself!
Level 1  m95#, w65#
Level 2  m115#, 85#
Tory’s Level  m135#, 95#


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8 thoughts on “07/10/10 WOD

  1. *Hi, my name is Tory! I’m a Leo who loves show ponies, walks in the rain, cuddling and hot chocolate with tiny marshmallows. Sensitive? Me? I suppose you could call me sensitive. If you are on the hunt for your sensitive Lion, I’m your man! Rowwwwwwr! Call me?
    * Recently discovered dating profile from 1992’s wildly successful service Dates to Wedding Bells

    Happy Birthday Tory! You big stud!

  2. Happy Birthday Tory!! You look great – Crossfit agrees with you. Enjoy your special day ;o)

    Brook – LOL, too funny!!

  3. Wow, I just took a break from the lot and thought I would check to see what x-fit is up to. Holy Cow Tory you look awesome! I bet Chris is lovin it!!! Congrats on the swim suit challenge! And, uh, quinn and I would like to know whats up with the dog thing, hehehehe 🙂

  4. Tory,

    I forgot to tell you happy B-day today when I saw you…….. so Happy B-Day! Also, way to finish Level Tory. I am impressed.

  5. HAHAHAHA!!!!! I didn’t think anybody would ever top the embarrassing photo of my sister posing with the dumbells, but Tory….. You did it. I’m pretty sure that pic will show up on one of those WTF e-mail strings. All kidding aside, your before and after pics are truly amazing. Way to work hard and stick with the diet, you’re doing awesome. Brook, that’s some funny stuff.

  6. Nice Tory!! (i’m talking about the before and after pics, as for the first one, i’m speechless!!!) Happy Birthday!!

  7. Happy Belated Birthday Tory!
    After nearly falling off my chair over the photo with you and Shasta, I managed to regain my composure. I truly admire your before and after photos :o) However, the expression you have with Shasta leaves me worried. It’s kind of scared, kind of demure and just overall happy. I have seen a new side of you Tory… Mr. Sensitive who likes small, furry things. Chris… watch out!

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