07/13/10 WOD


Depth Push-ups (legs elevated on med ball)- 4 sets of 8-10 reps.

Rest 20 sec.

Inverted Ring Rows- 4 sets of 8-10 reps.

Rest 2 minutes



AMRAP in 15 minutes of:

5 Barbell Manmakers (on bar- push-up, squat clean, thruster)

7 Box Jumps


Recommended Weight:

Level I


20″ box

Level II


24″ box

Level III


30″ box


WOD Results 07/12/10


I wanted to post some of the things OAC puts up with for having a crossfit in an open space, this is from a recent, “Hey OAC, suggestion”:

I especially enjoyed my time at the club today without all the noise!  Thank you!  Some music hurts the soul.  We either build goodness to our souls or take it away by the things we do watch or listen to.  I choose to add goodness to my soul.  In a public place as the club is, the environment needs to be  happy or neutral for all; especially in the rec center where so many children and older people walk and play.  PLEASE don’t allow hard rock music to be played there.  The volume bass and lyrics need to be more mellow.  I had a great workout without music!   I can’t enjoy my time there.  Thank you for making the club enjoyable for all.  Some music is okay and good.

Make sure you all let OAC know that there is something good that comes out of crossfit, all they hear are complaints.


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15 thoughts on “07/13/10 WOD

  1. What’s good for one’s soul may not necessarily be good for another’s soul. Crossfit happens to be what my soul needs and I can’t do crossfit without my hard rock! Like Eric said, bring your own music and wear headphones or alter your workout around the crossfit times!

  2. I’m sorry, it was me that complained. I was a little upset when Dustin quit playing “Man In the Mirror”. It’s a simple solution; bring back Michael Jackson and my complaints will stop. (my complaints about the music will stop, my complaints about the WODs will probably continue)

  3. I have to agree with the complaintant. I only want goodness for my soul as well which is why I choose a strict diet of McDonalds and Eminem. However, this could all be solved if we would just let Dustin control the music (Miley Cyrus nonstop).

  4. My soul is already damned….might as well have the music too. Just so everyone knows, the comment box is right up front by the stairs and the phone. There’s yellow comment cards that say “Hey OAC!”

  5. Wow!!! That’s pretty dang amazing! Did they not notice that Hawk specifically got the edited Eminem music for their eternal welfare?!?! Linds, if you want me to, I can get Blake Keyes to bring his collection of: Michael Buble, Frank Sinatra, MoTab, Eric Clapton, and Burt Baccarat. There’s nothing that pumps me up for a WOD like some of those tunes!!! I will be writing the Club in their suggestion box and let them know CrossFit is the only reason I currently have a membership with them. I’m sure those fogies and kids are bringing in tons of revenue for them too!!!

    I’m more offended by Brooks Utah gear than the music!!! 🙂

  6. Travis, Lindsay –
    Who can we talk to about this?

    I would be more than willing to do my part to let anyone know, (as I often do outside of the OAC) what crossfit has meant to me and my family. Both I, along with my kids participate, and have benefited greatly from the konowledge you all have regarding this fantastic lifestyle of fitness.

    After traveling a few places and going other crossfit gyms in other citites, I realize we have things quite ‘cushy’ in the OAC. Yet with that said, I hope that they understand the ‘following’ CROSSFIT the club has produced. As you all know, crossfit is a lifestyle, it is its own community of sorts, it has is own rules, mores and forms a certain kind of bond… This is a CROSSFIT THING, not an OAC thing…

    Crossfit with Lindsay and his crew of VERY QUALIFIED TRAINERS can and would survive with or without loud music, just as it would survive without the OAC… With that said, I am sure there is some sort of a compromise that can be reached. They, (OAC mng) I hope would understand that the positives that crossfit places in each and every one of our lives FAR outwieghs the loud, sometimes vulgar, sometimes obnoxious (mainly BITTY’s kidding haha) music that is heard a FEW SHORT TIMES throughout the day in the GYM.

    Please let me know who I could send a serious version of a letter of this sort to? Afterall, we ARE ALL MEMBERS…. WE should all have a chance to be heard.

    Hope you are all well… See you all in a few weeks…

  7. On a side note… I am in Orange County, CA for a few weeks for work… I am planning on attending the GAMES this weekend. If anyone is coming down, let me know. Nothing like a friendly face when you are out of town.


  8. All I have to say is as I look at this picture of Mindi I think she needs some HARD ROCK LOUD MUSIC!!!!! Ha ha ha! I’m an old fogey and I love th CF music for the purpose it is meant for……to motivate!!

  9. I’m pretty sure i’ve heard worse coming from the basketball court. And i’m certain my kids pay more attention to them than the music. I agree mom, what is that picture? I look like i’m about to DIE! (i probably was)

  10. Without music, life would be a mistake. – Friedrich Nietzsche

    All music is essential… not just the music that is deemed “acceptable” by those who feel the need to censor. Every kind of music has a purpose. In CrossFit the purpose is motivation, you just can’t get that motivation with calm and neutral. I read the comments and think… what a great open minded group of people, what a great group to be a part of! Walt’s comment is the best in my book.
    Lets tell ‘em all to go to… another club?

  11. In reading all of the posts, it is interesting to note how the original discussion of the music played morphed into an issue about the benefits of CrossFit to each one of us personally. First of all, I dont think we need to flood the OAC with “How CrossFit has benefited me personally” (and no offense to those who have or did as I think it definitely has its place). I am sure Travis is fully aware of how CrossFit has benefited all of us as he had one of the first “Before and After” pictures taken as a testimonial to what a great program CrossFit is and still does the WODs when he is able too.

    Second of all, I have to stick up for the nice lady who wrote that note to the OAC as she talked to me the other day about the CrossFit Kids Program. I’m sure it was her based upon the fact that her comments were pretty much verbatim as the comment written above to the OAC. It was in fact, a mother (looked about early 30s) with young children asking whether I played “CrossFit Music” when I taught CrossFit Kids. I told her I didnt due to the fact that children are distracted enough by the boxers and sprinters and that music would serve as another distraction. She then proceeded to tell me that from what she observed, CrossFit was a GREAT program and she could see the positive physical benefits of it, she just didnt like the music that was played. She cited several psychological studies (most of which I am familiar with being in the psych field) on the affect that music has on young children and teens before she went into the “good for the soul” dialogue. These studies are well founded. In talking to this mother, she was choosing to protect her children from something SHE felt was not good. This was not a personal attack directed towards any one of us or the program itself! Remember she did point out the benefits of CrossFit and at no time said anything negative about the CrossFit program. She also did not bring any sort of religious reference into the conversation.

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I respect this young mothers opinions just as I respect each of your opinions. I personally dont care for the type of music that is played as I prefer alternative (haha) and could work out to a little old school Depesche Mode or U2 once in a while 🙂 .

    The program is going really well and its not on the chopping block 🙂 and anyway…CrossFitters are supposed to be able to adapt to ANY situation, right? A good compromise would be to turn down the music a bit, then those who thrive off it can stay in the front part and those, like me, who dont really care can stay more towards the back now that we have all the extra space. …and with regards to all the cute little old people who walk the track…whose to say that when we are in our 80s or 90s that we won’t prefer particular past times no matter how ridiculous they may seem to others. 🙂

    Love and respect all of your opinions 🙂

  12. Thanks for all your kind words about what CrossFit has done for you.


    Travis Dugger
    General Manager

  13. Thanks for all your thoughts and kind words Sherrie. You’re the sweetest person I know.

    I just wanted to say that it wasn’t the girl’s opinion that got everyone upset. It was the fact that she came into the CrossFit area (OUR AREA) and complained about OUR music and practically demanded to have it turned off. That’s not fair. If I go somewhere and dislike something about it, I either deal with it, learn to enjoy it, or leave. I don’t demand that they change it so it better suits my taste and morals. We can not do these types of workouts without music that’s hard, fast, and LOUD. I also respect her opinion, and I’m sure she’s a really nice person, but in all fairness, she has options….we don’t. We can’t go anywhere, and it’s just not possible for us to wear headphones while we workout. She, on the other hand has many options and is able to use the treadmills, run outside, run with headphones or use ear plugs, or simply chose to run while our workouts aren’t in session. I think we all felt a little like dogs being backed into a corner while we read her complaint and were naturally lashing out.

    Yes, we all hate it when we finish our workout and have to wait for four or five basketball players to get a drink at the fountains that happen to be in the pit. But do we write a complaint to make them stop? No. It’s a public fountain and we just deal with each other.

    I just despise people that think the world needs to change to make them happy. Leave us alone. We’re already in the far back corner of The Club and as Mindi said, we’ve heard worse coming from the court than our music. We have nowhere else we can go and just want our workout and our music.

    I know this is long, but thanks for letting me vent.

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