07/13/11 WOD: “PATRIOT”

This is 20 minutes well worth your time! As you think about all the MEAT, FRUITS, AND VEGGIES that you eat on a DAILY BASIS…ponder this from “FOODIE” Robyn O’Brien! And then realize that CHANGE DOES NOT HAPPEN OVER NIGHT! It takes baby steps with whatever you want/need to change. Exercise habits, eating habits, work habits, and YES, FOOD and PURCHASE Choices.

OUR CrossFit The CLub GIRLS/ AKA WODLOVE GIRLS (Joni & Candie) host Challenges for FREE GEAR twice a month. Make sure to visit their FACEBOOK PAGE and post your time to the discussion board for your chance to get FREE GEAR. Check out some of their stuff below.

This looks like a good one sent in from Bridgette for their WODLOVE Challenge.
Bridgette’s story: “I have been doing CrossFit for six months and fell in love. I love Hero Wods because I am an Army Veteran and a true patriot. So my WOD is ten rounds since we have been at war since 2001. And the reps are nine and eleven in remembrance of September 11th.”



9 over head Squats
11 Burpees
9 thrusters
11 pullups
9 wallballs
11 box jumps 24/20
weight is 75 male 55 women

*If you want to complete the WOD Love Challenge you can complete all 10 rounds.  For everyone else we will be doing a 30 min AMRAP.



07/12/11 WOD Results

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6 thoughts on “07/13/11 WOD: “PATRIOT”

  1. I told everyone in the morning if you want to do 10 rounds you have to commit to it before you start the WOD. I had about 1/2 of the morning class raise their hands wanting to do all 10 rounds..out of all the people that raised their hands, two finished!

  2. I suspect this is the WOD you were talking about yesterday? Last night I didn’t see the 30 AMRAP and had nightmares all night about 110 burpees!

  3. Everyone of our crossfitters should be getting bountiful baskets you can upgrade to all organic for a fraction of the price you would be spending at the store. It is an amazing program and will help change your families eating habits for the better. Go to http://www.bountifulbaskets.org and get sighned up. Amen 🙂

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