07/14/10 WOD

Late breaking news!  It’s Sissi’s Birthday, no better way to celebrate then to do a crossfit benchmark workout.

Benchmark Wednesday- bring your game face!



3 rounds for time of:

400 meter run

21 KB Swings- 53m/35w

12 Pull-ups


* Rest as needed, then do:

Med Ball Circuit w/partner

2 Rounds of 10 reps each (not for time)

Med Ball Slams

Med Ball Twist

Med Ball Around The Worlds


WOD Results 07/13/10


Good article from Crossfit Invictus about pain.

Pain: The Great Limiting Factor
Written by Shane Farmer

The single greatest limiting factor that I’ve found in all of sport is pain. It’s an accepted standard that we all deal with when we move our bodies. It serves important functions physiologically, telling us when to stop so we don’t injure ourselves and helping us understand when we’re healed or still repairing.

It’s this same pain that as a rower we were taught to tame and domesticate. In rowing, your pain is at the mercy of the other seven rowers and one coxswain that surround you. You give your all for 6 minutes, silencing the voice in your head that says you need to stop. You train your body 800 hours a year to develop a working relationship with pain. It’s unthinkable that you would ever succumb to pain because to do so means the failure of all nine. Socialism/teamwork at its best.

That experience was the foundation for making my transition into CrossFit once I graduated from college. Here again, pain seems to find its way into the very thread of our existence. We hurt on a daily basis, we base our workouts on how much pain we feel, and if something isn’t aching from day to day we question whether or not we worked hard enough the day before.

The concept of being in pain though is a different variable for everyone. It can take time to appreciate what pain really means and how to handle it. A good friend who has trained in Jiu Jitsu for most of his life once told me “The hardest thing for people to learn when it comes to fighting is how to take a hit and keep your senses about you.” In the same way, when someone takes up CrossFit one of the most difficult things to learn is that our movements and exercises often invoke pain that you wouldn’t haven’t experienced before. The pain you feel is actually a very calculated threshold your body has built up over a lifetime. It’s what has kept you relatively safe and has told you when to stop. The nature of CrossFit though is not to dance to the edge of pain and shyly back away. It is to find that threshold in each person and begin a very careful and calculated approach of how one breaks through that threshold to come out the other side a stronger and more developed person.

To play this game though takes a certain mental fortitude. It’s a state of mind we all possess but often have never had to tap into, therefore it takes time and practice to learn. As someone who has gone down that very path I want to encourage all of you to believe in yourselves and be confident in your ability to go to that place. It’s a place of discomfort but not despair, pain but not prohibition, and unwavering resolution. Just because something hurts doesn’t mean your body will fail. It’s an amazing machine capable of so much more than we realize, and while there are times when you just flat out exhaust your ability to function, more often than not you can keep going.

So to all of you new to CrossFit, or any other sport for that matter. Learn your boundaries, be stubborn, and push through pain because you’re all stronger than you realize. Remember, pain is not to be feared but welcomed with open arms and accepted as a challenge, for victory is nothing without having given full measure.


*REMEMBER*  We will be dropping the 5am on Thursdays for the summer and adding a 7am class, the other times will stay as planned.  There is also a make-up O-Lifting Class tomorrow at 7pm.

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14 thoughts on “07/14/10 WOD

  1. Helen, you look like a Helen. Let me tell you why I suck as a saleman !

    Sissi, I love this picture (sorry Dominic)! Happy Birthday!!

  2. Happy Birthday Sissi! You are such a great person! i miss seeing you in class and hope all is well for you 🙂 !

  3. Happy B-day Sissi!!!! You look amazing! On another note I am always one exercise behind you guys so I can try to beat times, lol, I know crazy, anyhoo I have made a new name for the manmakers I would like to call them b*t@h slappers. Because I felt like I was literaly being slapped around like a little B*t$h. Oh, I just called myself a…hahaha, but anyways they hurt!

  4. Happy birthday Sissi!!!!! You’re so amazing and always work so hard at CF and I totally admire you for your accomplishments and dedication. Thanks for being such a great person and friend! Hope you enjoy Helen! 🙂

  5. How did I end up as a prop in this picture. By the way it was taken on last year’s birthday after a few rounds of manmakers.

  6. I wanted to remind everyone that we will be dropping the 5 am on thursday only and adding a 7 am on thursday, the rest of the schedule will stay the same. Also remember that there will be a make-up O-lifting class thursday night (tomorrow) at 7pm. Try and get there it will help a ton on all the olympic lifts (cleans, Snatch). Also, I may have stirred the pot to much on yesterdays wod post about the music. Remember crossfit wouldn’t be there without the club believing me when I told them to bring it there. Be kind and I love your passion put it into your workouts!

  7. Thank you everyone for your birthday wishes!! Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine I would meet such a terrific group of people through Crossfit. On that same note, never in my wildest dreams could I imagine being this old and in the condition I’m in – thanks to Crossfit.

    Yes, that picture was taken exactly one year ago on my birthday – the first time I ever Rx’ed. It felt so good, I needed to take down someone, and I did – there you go.

    I smile when I look at the pull-up bars in that photo. Can you believe we all did our pull-ups together on that thing? Crossfit the Club has come a long way in one year.

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