07/16/10 WOD


You will complete:

8 x Hill Sprints ( walk down recovery, 3 minutes)

*Between sets 4 and 5 you will perform 5 minute Tabata Push-ups.


If you’re looking for something to do this weekend go and support one of our own Crossfitter’s, Jeremy Allen, perform a Sky Ski demonstration.  Check out the details below.


07/15/10 WOD Results

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7 thoughts on “07/16/10 WOD

  1. Yikes! I better go to bed!

    I wanted to tell you all that you should come to the o-lifting class! I am learning so much, it is way worth your time. Although, Jana and I kind of enjoyed the personal training session tonight at no extra cost (we were the only ones there) so if you don’t show up we’re not complaining! Thanks Dom you’re doing a great job!

  2. Hey all! I just did a WOD this morning with my new friends here at Crossfit ATP here Dania Beach, Florida – Crossfit is everywhere! I hate burpees, however they told me about a fun team WOD they did. In teams of 2 or 4 you burpee then broad jump as you come up out of the burpee and go for 1 mile total distance! So burpee/broadjump for 1 mile! What the what! They said it was killer, but a really fun team WOD. Lindsay?

  3. Well all I can say is those hill runs today were killer. I totally lost it on the Tabata push ups. I didn’t RX on my toes the entire time. It was a tough WOD and I think Lindsay was smirking as we were dying, I am sure of it! However, that being said I am not a good runner and that was maybe what I needed to work on today. Stupid running!

  4. Justin M, i might have to fly down to Florida and kick your butt for mentioning that workout! I saw it online a while ago, and it looked HORRIBLE! You can go online (I think on gymjunkies.com.?) and see a bunch of guys puking down the road…They did it for a breast cancer fundraiser and called it Burpees for Boobies. I was hoping LIndsay would never hear about, but I guess the cat’s out of the bag…I do like the idea of it being a team WOD. The guys in the fundraiser did the whole mile individually! Maybe if we do a million burpees in one day we won’t have to do them the rest of the year…

  5. I will gladly pitch in money for Stacey to go down a kick that dudes butt. Better yet I’m going to call his trainer and tell him that a real fun workout is running hills 8 times with Tabata pushups in the middle of them.

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