07/15/10 WOD


OHS- 3 sets of 5 reps



4 Rounds for max reps of:

 (45sec on/15 sec off)

OHS- 75m/55w

SDHP- 75m/55w

DB/KB Burpees- 35m/20w

Knees to Elbow

Calorie Row


*REMEMBER* No 5am class, there will be a new 7am class and a make-up O-lifting tonight at 7pm.


07/14/10 WOD Results

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2 thoughts on “07/15/10 WOD

  1. All of those kids are so awesome! Monday I actually had the opportunity to go with my daughter and watch the kids in action. They are so excited and work so hard, you can tell they really enjoy it. After the WOD, they were all breathing hard and talking about their hearts beating so fast. When Sherrie told them they were done for the day they all groaned and made comments about how they wanted to keep going and how fun the workout was. Very inspiring! Made me realize I could have a more positive attitude towards my workouts sometimes.

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