07/16/11 WOD

Strong work ladies!


It may or may not be outside.  Better bring water just in case.  Here is a bigger hint your hands will get really dirty.


Good post by Shoreline Crossfit about nutrition.

Every two weeks, we have new athletes joining Shoreline CrossFit.  I never want to seem like a broken record, but today I got to thinking about how many athletes may have never heard my diet rant before…

I CrossFitted  a year without giving a thought to my diet.  I perceived what I ate to be “healthy”:  lots of rice and couscous at dinner, whole wheat pasta, oatmeal for breakfast, slim fast bars for a snack, potatoes with my meat, Lean Cuisines for lunch, etc…  I was semi lean, but I lacked the performance that I desired at the gym, and the abs I craved on my body.

It wasn’t until my CrossFit level I certification that I realized that my diet needed to change.  There were a two points that really hit home for me:

  • You cannot out-train a poor diet
  • It is better for an athlete to eat right and train less, than eat poorly and train constantly.

The instructor of our class asked who would share what they consumed for breakfast with the crowd.  I proudly announced my consumption of a small glass of orange juice, oatmeal, and a half of a banana.  I was shocked when the instructor told me that a Burger King Whopper would’ve been a more balanced meal!  This certainly drove home the point of the importance of consuming somewhat of a balanced proportion of the macronutrients (protein, fat, and carbs) at every meal (my breakfast was composed of carb, carb, and carb~only succeeding to spike my insulin, and therefore store fat).

I’ve ‘gotta tell the truth, and I am not singling out one person (after a blog of this nature, I often hear, “I know you wrote that because of me.”).  Lately, I looked around and have seen athletes that seem to work out hard and consistently, but have not had a change in performance or appearance.  If this is the case, SOMETHING IS WRONG.  CrossFit and the Paleo diet is prescription for results. If you are not getting changes, something is amiss.  You cannot achieve optimal results without exercise, and more importantly, DIET.

After the information on the Paleo Diet that I obtained from my Level I Certification, I decided to try Paleo for a month.  Within, this time-frame, all of my times in the benchmark WODs improved, and for the first time in my life, I had abs!  SOLD FOR LIFE!  After this, I realized that adhering to the Paleo Diet leads to more balanced moods, and overall better health ( I went TWO and a HALF years without getting a cold!!).


07/15/11 WOD Results


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