07/18/11 WOD

Crossfit was here!



1.  Back Squat- (83% 0f 1RM)- 3 x 5

2.  Push Press (76% of 1RM)- 3 x 5

3.  For Time:


Pull-ups (adv. chest to bar)

Sandbag Get-ups- 80m/40w

Shoulder to Shoulder Sandbag Push Press- (over & back= 1 rep)- 80m/40w



Week 3

Day 1

1.  Back Squat- (83% of 1RM)- 3 x 5

2. Snatch Grip Dead lift (103% of 1RM)- 3 x 3

* those that don’t strong snatch, this percentage will be to light.  Adjust weight 2-3%.

3.  Push Press (76% of 1RM)- 5 x 5



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8 thoughts on “07/18/11 WOD

  1. Games sign-ups are posted on wall by drinking fountain now. We have had great turn out for the past 2 years we have done this. Make some time and set aside that day for some fun.

  2. Lindsay, I know this may be self serving, but I have talked to quite a few people that aren’t able to make it that week end. It’s the last weekend before the kids are back in school and many people are going out of town. Just a thought to maybe changing it to September. Anyone else have an input?

  3. We will be out of town as well! I am all for doing it in September!!! If not I will do it next time!!!! Whatever works!!!!

  4. That is true… BUT if you move it to September the boys will have football, so you’d lose alot to that too.. Just do what works best for you, i’m sure the turnout will be great no matter what!

  5. I was totally bummed when I heard about the date for the games. But there are going to be people who can’t come no matter what day you put it on. But you can still change it if you want. 🙂

  6. Just an FYI, if the date is changed, Top of Utah 1/2 Marathon is on 8/27 and there are a number of us running in that race (running = trudging slowly down Blacksmith Fork Canyon hoping not to die)

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