07/22/10 WOD

Can you guess who this is?

It’s the Birthday boy, Brook M.  This one’s for you Brook and could you please wear that same outfit from the first picture, today for the wod.


Unbroken KB Swing (heavy)- reps of: 21-18-15-12-9-6

b/t each set of KB Swings you will do, Rope Undulations (new toy!)

b/t 1st set- 45 degree wave- 30 sec.

b/t 2nd set- Alternating 45 degree wave- 30 sec.

b/t 3rd set- Double wave- 30 sec.

Repeat for sets 4,5 & 6.



For 20 min.

Run 310 meters (2 laps)

*Rest percisely the time of the pervious run.

*Score will be total distance you cover in meters.


07/21/10 WOD Results

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11 thoughts on “07/22/10 WOD

  1. Brookie, Brookie,Brookie…your so damn cute. Nice choice on the pic Jerilyn. I’m going to come tonight just to see if you come in that outfit.

  2. Brook… Happy Birthday my man! The socks have CF written all over them. If you’re hesitant about showing up in that outfit, at least consider the pants. That would be hilarious. I’ll forgive you if you don’t do the Conan The Barbarian vest because running in that would just SUCK.

  3. What are you wearing and where were you going?? Is that a mullet? And mokisins with bumble bee socks? What the heck? O boy we need an explanation!

    Happy Birthday! PLEASE don’t show up in that outfit EVER!

  4. Honest to goodness explanation. I was 14. I was dressed up for a performance in my 9th Grade Drama class where we were lip-synching. If I remember right, I lip-synched Adam and the Ants song “Stand and Deliver.” The ear ring was a clip on from my grandmother. The fur was an antique black bear jacket made in the 1920s, the moccasins were slippers and the tights, hmmm, I’m not sure how they came to be but they were blue tights with green and yellow striped sockes sewed onto the end of them.

    And yes, it was indeed a mullet. Back then it was just called cool.

    Thanks for the B-day wishes!

    P.S. I came in and did my BDay WOD at 6. It was mucho fun. Y’all should do it. The rope work is a real arm burner.

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