07/22/11 WOD

Today is our very own Brook Millard’s birthday.  Happy Birthday Brook!!! Did you know you share your day with some very famous people?  Let’s play a game like monopoly or “Jeopardy”, and see if you can guess 4 of the celebs I’m talking about.  Of course not all are celebrities.  Some may just be politicians that love to refer to themselves in the 3rd person and do hilarious things like falling off of stages during political campaigns (still one of my favorite YouTube videos of all time).   Pretty sure I saw Chris Farley’s best friend and co-star crack a joke or two about that on SNL.  I remember because I had just watched Lethal Weapon before that.  Anyways, do your best to figure it out and let’s see which one of you wins a Big Hug from Big Walt for doing so.


AMRAP in 20 min of:
5 Pull-ups
10 Push Ups
15 Squats


STRENGTH: Week 3, Day 4
1.  Snatch Balance- max for day, 70% of that 3 x 4


7/21/11 WOD Results


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17 thoughts on “07/22/11 WOD

  1. Happy Birthday Brook!! Love that you are reading Harry Potter in your pic and boy did you get off lucky on your pic compared to last year 🙂 I must say I miss the tights, fur cape and brooch!!

  2. Attention Crossfit family – Sherrie Fazzio’s husband was in a roll-over car accident and is undergoing surgery and to top it off their bank accounts were hacked into. As we all know Sherrie is one of the coolest people ever, so please, please keep them in your thoughts and prayers! (Sherrie – please don’t kill me for posting this – I just thought the more people that could pray for you guys the better!).

    1. Thanks justin and walt…you CrossFitters are some of the greatest people 🙂 He came home from the hospital today…Surgery went well,…and As long as I keep the Lortab coming, he seems to do all right :).

  3. Happy Birthday Brook! You look super comfy in that hammock!!
    No idea on the celebs.. Hopefully Big Walt will still give me a hug 🙂

    1. Come on Mindi, you can do this. There are several clues throughout. This is your mental WOD for the day 🙂

  4. Brook…. Have a great birthday…. You are a great guy… Sorry I will miss your WOD but work and taking the kids to airport

  5. Brook, George Clinton and Parliament-Funkadelic…the trifecta!!! Have a great birthday and don’t hold back on Cindy.

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