07/26/10 WOD


Crossfit Games WOD #2

For Time:

Run 1240 meters (8 laps)

63 KB Swings- 53m/35w

36 Pull-ups

Run 775 meters (5 laps)

42 KB Swings

24 Pull-ups

Run 465 ( 3 laps)

21 KB Swings

12 Pull-ups


within 2 minutes of finishing time:

Max Load- Shoulder to Overhead


*Score will be your time and load.


07/23/10 WOD Results

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15 thoughts on “07/26/10 WOD

  1. Well doesn’t this just look like a ton of fun! Hopefully this will help loosen up all the sore muscles I have….:)

  2. Just had flash backs of all the games athletes looking at their torn hands during this WOD. Just when I had started to heal from “Angie”. Well, time to get out the super glue. See ya tonight.

  3. Roided Out Helen huh? Looks like I’m going to go buy me some gloves!!! Reminder for y’all, the Dirty Dash registration fee increases after the 31 of this month so if you’re going to register do so this week.

  4. For all of you soft handed people, I am out of tape! Be sure to sure to bring some if you need it or I guess you could wear some gloves ( I have some nice pink gloves with jewels on them if you need them).

  5. I loved coming to the 6pm class today. There are some amazing athletes (that I stand next to with my little 17lb. KB) and think WOW… one day I’ll grow up and be like them 🙂 Sounds like if my hands aren’t trashed after this WOD I’m either lucky or I’m slackin!

  6. So I walked it scared today. I looked at Celest’s weight. 145!!! Wow what am I going to do. I haven’t been as strong lately. Well 135, I am super excited. Not to far away! Great job 6pm!!!

  7. Did anybody elses husband come home and tell them they need to work on their jerks? First thing not even a good job honey!

  8. OY!!! I was right there! You were doing awesome Autumn! I still can’t get over how a tiny chick like you can haul that much weight over your head….. men….. grrrrr

  9. Ouch, Dustin it sounds like some major butt kissing is in order….I encourage alot of “yes dears” and plenty of massages…

  10. Autumn, next time Dustin tells you to work on your “jerks” tell him you’ve TRIED to work on HIM, but he just won’t change!

  11. Autumn – I think flowers and a nice massage are in your future

    Dustin – take the hint! 😉

    6pm class did awesome last night – great job everyone!!

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