07/29/11 WOD

Why is it every time we start a clean eating challenge everyone is so excited and can’t wait to start??  When we started our challenge 30 days ago we had 40+ people ready to give it all they had to live a healthier lifestyle.   Now 30 days later, we have had a total of about 15 people finish the challenge.  I want to know what are your hang ups?  Why is it so hard to eat a clean diet?  What happened to all those motivated people ready to make a change?  I hope one of the biggest things that people learn from these challenges is that, “you cannot out train a poor diet”.  Great job to all of those people that stuck it out to the finish, we have had some amazing results in just 30 days!



1.  Front Squat- 80% of 1RM 3 x 5

2.  3 Rounds for time of:

15 Pull-ups/15 Dips

30 Cal Row

30 KB Swings- 70/53



Week 4

Day 4

1.  OHS- max for day; then 80% of that x 2

2.  Snatch- 70% 2 x 5


07/28/11 WOD Results

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3 thoughts on “07/29/11 WOD

  1. Hey Lindsay,
    When you measured me Monday I forgot to give you my food journal and I’ll send you my picts as soon as I get back into town. I hope it’s not too late.

    One thing that really helped me finish was to always keep snacks with me. I had this really small cooler that fit into my purse so I never had to be caught off guard for something paleo. Also, I would use Sunday as a prep day and bake things i cook eat all week. I would make protein bars, a few lunches, egg breakfast casserole I could heat up in the mornings or a salad I could grab in a hurry.

  2. Great suggestions from Ashley! My biggest hang up is changing 50+ years of BAD eating habits!! I truly felt so much better when I stuck to clean diet. I loved the challenge even though I didn’t do very well!! Thanks Lindsay!

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