08/03/10 WOD

Quinn Boyer up from Crossfit Dixie, had a meeting with pukie yesterday.  You can fill our trash cans up with puke anytime Quinn, welcome back!



Deadlift- 3 sets of 5 reps (60% of 1RM); rest 1 min b/t sets.



Start a 20 minute clock.

Run 1 mile.

As many rounds as possible in time remaining of:

8 Deadlifts- 185m/115w

25 Double Unders


*ATTENTION*  We will be moving our O-Lifting Classes to Thursday night at 7pm.  We will use every other Saturday as a make-up class for the O-Lifting.  Be sure to get sign-up for the CFTC games Aug 14th.  We will be putting together teams at the end of the week, so you know what team your on.


08/02/10 WOD Results

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4 thoughts on “08/03/10 WOD

  1. Lindsay what’s up man. I have only been up twice since sectionals and the first time I planned on Saturday morning and you did some Overhead Barbell Love wod, not so good for my recovering shoulder. And the second time was over the 24th and you guys were closed. But I do recall working out every other time before the surgery and one time i recall doing “Team Nasty Girls”. Ask Scott, he remembers when we did that WOD together:)

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