08/05/10 WOD


















Julie L.’s birthday was yesterday, Happy Birthday Julie!



Weighted Ring Dips- 5 sets of 5 reps; rest 20 sec.


Knees to Elbow- 5 sets of 10 reps; rest 2 min.



6 Rounds for time of:

10 Inverted Ring Rows (thumbs to chest)


5 Good Mornings- 95m/65w

10 Burpees


08/04/10 WOD Results



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17 thoughts on “08/05/10 WOD

  1. That pict isn’t even bad!! Julie, you look beautiful! 🙂 Hope it was a great b-day.

    I hope everyone has signed up to participate in our CFTC Games next saturday, Aug 14th. It will be FUN FOR ALL! 😉 Promise!

  2. Julie, I hope you’re aware of the rule that you must work out in the whatever outfit is posted in your b-day pic for the entire week after your bday.

  3. I will wear the cheerleader uniform when Brook wears the outfit from his birthday pic and Stacie wears the “B” sweater from hers and Gary wears the coconut bra and . . . I could seriously keep going on and on . . . 🙂

  4. Everyone who came to the 5 and 6pm classes tonight deserve an Rx behind their times…they all had full range of motion during the movements! All egos were left at the door. Girls who never believed they could do a handstand, let alone a HSPU, assisted with the bands, did them tonight! Guys who thought they could do a HSPU, and were mistaken, did them with the bands. EVERYONE had great form during EVERY part of the workout! Good work…

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