08/06/11 WOD

Teamwork Day


In teams of two you will complete for max reps:

6 Rounds of:

Sandbag Relay- 80m/40w (155 m)


AMRAP in time remaining of:

3 Snatch Grip Dead lift- 95/65

3 Power Snatch

3 Overhead Squat

6 Burpees

*once athlete starts snatch grip dead lift he must complete all the movements before partner can go.


08/05/11 WOD Results




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3 thoughts on “08/06/11 WOD

    1. Yo Lindsay,

      I got a few people interested in the comp on Sat. How many people per team and can ya throw a mix of people together if the come up as singles?? I wish I could come up, but got a football scrimmage sat morning

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