08/11/10 WOD

Every body can Crossfit!


Benchmark Wednesday



30 Clean & Jerks for time


*Rest 10 minutes


Bench Press- 5 sets of 3 reps; rest 2 min b/t sets ( build to a heavy 3 reps)


 08/10/10 WOD Results

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10 thoughts on “08/11/10 WOD

  1. Keylee and I are in Florida this week for my work so we have been doing the WODs in the hotel gym – this one was VERY difficult with dumbells (was hard to keep good form with the Rx weight); everybody like always thought we were freaks for working out so hard. If they only knew the CrossFit secret! Hey trainers – do you have the teams yet for the games this Saturday? I just wanted to start apologizing beforehand to my team mates! Have a rockin’ day everyone!

  2. Good girl Crystal! You motivate me and give me hope! And i agree with Autumn, way cool picture! Make sure you get a copy for your scrapbook!!!

  3. Yes the rx’ed weight for Grace is 135/95. And Justin we will be putting the teams together thursday night, so if anybody is not signed up there is still time.

  4. Crystal you make a mother in law proud. Hopefully I will be able to start Crossfit next month. Shane will have to coach me.

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