08/14/10 WOD



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3 thoughts on “08/14/10 WOD

  1. Wow! What a great morning of Crossfit. I want to thank Lindsay, the trainers and all the people who helped put this together for us. I loved spending time with people from other classes and meeting people I never knew before. One of the coolest things of the day was at the end of the competition watching a lot of our kids run the hill! They wanted to try and try it they did. My two kids personally had a small sense of accomplishment after their fourth loop. I love that this crazy lifestyle is rubbing off on our kids. Can’t wait to do this again.

  2. O ya that was pretty fun to watch all those kiddos run the hill! My boy begged the entire time to run it, so when it was all said and done i said ‘go for it, but you have to do it 4 times’ and he did! with many other kids! It was fun for them. When we got home he said, ‘i’m tired i need a nap’ i agreed so we both took one 🙂

  3. What an AWESOME job done by everyone involved today! Hats off and Kuddos to the staff of the Crossfit staff. You guys made our Sat. Puttin gthis together and pulling it off is 2 totally diffrent things! I thought it was GREAT! If there was glitches we (the participants) didnt see them! THANK YOU for All you do for us! All the time and effort and behind the scences work! Thank you for helping us become better! That is what I call “Real” friends!

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