08/16/10 WOD




 Checkout more photos here: www.jealousturtlephotography.com


Snatch- Find 1 RM

Clean & Jerk- Find 1 RM



AMRAP in 10 minutes of:

6 Squat Cleans- 125m/75w

12 Pull-ups

24 Double Unders

Add together the best snatch (in kg), the best clean and jerk (in kg), and the total rounds performed in the triplet for your final score.  2.2 pounds= 1 kilo.

(ex. 200# snatch 200/2.2= 90 kilos)


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10 thoughts on “08/16/10 WOD

  1. All of the photos are up, I hope that I did not miss anyone. I got roped into doing the workout, so if you were in the same heat as I was I might not have as many photos.

  2. Team 21 rocked!!! Thanks guys! Jeremy (the camera guy) especially you for filling in last minute. Carson Tippets….haven’t met you yet, but you missed out! Saturday was a total blast. I’d love to do it again!

  3. What a Fantastic day Saturday was! TY Lindsay and Crew Thank You so much for all the time and energy you put into making a great day for so many! Congratulations to the efforts of all Club Members, you guys were totally AWESOME! A special thanks to Ben, Robin and Mindi for being outstanding team mates and tolerating my weaknesses.

  4. I just wanted to clarify something. If all of the pictures of me look like I’m either crying or messing my pants, there’s a simple explanation for that. It’s because I was either crying or messing my pants when the pictures were being taken.

  5. O Scot I feel your pain! If any of you need breathing lessons, apparantly i’m the master! Deep breaths..deep breaths.. that’s what i kept telling myself. Guess it was working 🙂 Ha ha i’m sure we all have a few embarrassing pictures right?? Come on, just agree with me!

  6. haha….you guys are awesome! Part of the ‘Sport of Crossfit’ is having humiliating pictures taken of you when you’re over-exerting and on the brink of breaking! I learned that at Sectionals. At the risk of sounding…. oh I dunno…… I just want all the participants to know how incredibley proud I am of you! Its a hard thing to do, and I understand how many of us feel NOT ‘up to par’ or like we’re ‘good enough’ to participate in something like this. I understand that it was a stretch for MANY who participated, so I just wanted to say that I am SO glad that you did. And if you didn’t this time…..there WILL BE a next time, so decide now to be a part of it. I haven’t heard of anyone yet who is upset that they played in these games! 🙂 Thanks guys. We have an awesome team. I’m proud to be a part of it!

  7. I have to agree with Mindi on the embarrassing pictures thing but hey, we did it!..right?? I think I want to thank Steph for talking me into it but I am still not sure yet. All you crossfit girls rock! It was FUN.

  8. Scot, I almost cried when I saw some of my photos… I looked like I was either crying or going to puke – so looks like we are in the same boat! There are definitely no “Glamour Shots” in CrossFit! But it sure was fun, even with all the pain the next day I am still looking forward to January!

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