08/17/11 WOD

And the winners of the 30 day Paleo Challenge are…..

Tarl- beginning weight 244lbs, after 30 days 220lbs.  Body Fat % went from 18.4% to 12.2%.  Fat weight from 44.9lbs to 26.8lbs.

Marie- with the highest point total of 179 points, almost a perfect score!  With an already lean body frame lost 2.5% body fat and fat weight went from 18.5lbs to 14.7lbs.

Craig & Rinda- Craig with the second highest score of 176 points.  Lost 2% body fat and fat weight went from 39.8lbs to 33.2lbs.  Lost 2 1/2 ” of his waist and hips.  Has lost a total of 45+ pounds since starting crossfit.    Rinda- on all her measurements everything dropped significantly, arm- 1/2, waist- 2 1/2, Hip- 3 1/2 and Thigh- 2 1/2.

Kim M.- lost 7lbs of fat weight, improved in every category on measurements arm- 1/2, waist- 2 1/2, hip- 1 1/2, Thigh- 2.

Shaylee- body fat went from 19.3% to 17.1%, lost a total of 3lbs fat weight.  Improved in all of her measurements and did everything that she was supposed to do for the challenge.

Heidi S.- kept a perfect food journal.  On an already small body frame Heidi went from 15.9% body fat to 13.5% body fat.  Fat weight went from 18.7lbs to 15.4lbs.  Lost a total of 3 1/2″ from her waist, hip and thighs.

Spencer- from Spencer’s before pic to his after pics he has turned himself into a lean mean fighting machine.  Hopefully he will give me permission some time to post them.  Spencer improved in every catagory and even his farmer tan got even darker.


And for the consulation “DICKYDO” prize- “The Captain”




Nice job to everyone that finished out the entire 30 days!



1.  Bench Press- build to a heavy 1RM

2.  Row- max meters in 5 min of Legless Rowing- feet strapped in, leg’s must remain locked out, all pulling comes from the arms.

Rest 5 minutes

3.  AMRAP in 10 min of:

5 Push Jerk- heavy as possible

10 Rotational Slam Balls- 30m/20w


REMEMBER- there will be NO 9 and 10am classes today, crossfit area will be closed for the Burgener Seminar.


08/16/11 WOD Results





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