08/18/11 WOD

CFTC had a great opportunity yesterday to host Coach Burgener for an Olympic Lifting Seminar.  It was an awesome learning experience to see how Coach B coaches and the techniques that he uses for all of his athletes.  Not one time during the 6 hours did we ever pick up a weight, Coach B stresses fundamentals.  As crossfitter’s we neglect some of these fundamentals and fail to show you the importance of them everyday.  I learned a lot yesterday and think now sometimes you have to take a step back before you can take a step forward.  You can expect those tools to be used by us now everyday, can’t wait for everyone to experience the Junk Yard Dog!



For Time:

“Up & Down Annie”


Double Unders



We still have several people that need to pay for their games shirt still.

Brook, Jana, Jared, Jodie, Josh, Kristi, Mike L., Rich, and Shay could you please see me asap.  We also have a few left over if anyone still wants one, thanks.


08/17/11 WOD Results



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