08/19/11 WOD

Normally in crossfit we post pictures of torn hands from pull-ups, big cuts down the shin from box jumps.  All that stuff is cool but Annie is the worst, anybody willing to post their pictures of their wounds from Annie??  I haven’t been able to sit right all day.



Three 1 minute rounds for max reps:

1.  DB Thrusters- 20% BW

2.  Box Jumps- 20″

3.  Push-ups

4.  Pull-ups

5.  Calorie Row

*Rest 1 minute b/t rounds

** In this workout you move from each of the five stations after 1 minute.  This is a five minute round in which 1 minute is allowed for resting before repeating.


08/19/11 WOD Results


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5 thoughts on “08/19/11 WOD

    1. It wasn’t so much the hot water but the hydrogen peroxide that made me scream bloody murder (literally)! Let’s just hope that blood comes out of my pretty white shorts.

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