08/24/10 WOD

Dirty Curt, the original O.G. of CFTC.  Happy Birthday Curtis, one of the first members of crossfit still going strong!



Pistols- take 8-10 minutes of practice



For Time:



Box Jumps- 24m/20w

Toes to Bar


08/23/10 WOD Results

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9 thoughts on “08/24/10 WOD

  1. Happy Birthday Curt! My gift to you is that you are allowed to start rooting for the PAC 12 Utes and cam dump that independent dog!

  2. Bitty you were FLYING through those toes-to-bar; very cool to watch. Thanks for helping me after the WOD to “Bitty-tize” my own toes-to-bar!

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